Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chill time

It's been a rather busy couple of weeks out here in little ol' Utsuno. The social scene has revved into action and we've been busy touring around meeting all kinds of people. It was nice to spend a day just hanging out and recouping, getting ready for next week. Amazing what happens when you get yourself established out here.

Last night was a little informal get together with students who wanted to say hello to Alfred, a former teacher at the school who is now working as an Emergency Teacher. Ended up at the Lion's Head and after a few beers a wave of people came in, and all of a sudden we were surrounded by students... it was a good night of course and I was once again struck by how lucky I am to be out here experiencing this. At one point I was talking to 2 students, in 4 languages... how cool is that? We were talking in English obviously, but Ayako has spent time in France so I was speaking to her in French and then the other student mentionned he spent 6 years in Germany so I whipped out a couple of lines of German for him and we also went in and out of simple Japanese, mostly with me asking questions about stuff.

The Lion's Head is a great meeting place. Got talking to a guy from Germany who's been here 9 months and is working as a financial controller... he also spoke a little French so we got into that a little bit.... though it was difficult in a crowded noisy bar. Oh yeah, and I finished the bottle of Grey Goose Vodka (which I discussed here on July 30th) I started there at Noriyuki's bday party... quite sad to see the last drops pour out, I hope the barman orders another one.

Today, headed out to Yamaya with Scotto and topped off my juice rations for the week, and now I'm waiting for a lovely young lady to come over and we're heading out to Hachiman-yama to light off some fireworks.

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