Friday, September 23, 2005

Food of the Gods... well the Korean gods anyway...

People keep asking about my cooking here... so I thought I'd throw in one of the simpler things I've started making... Here is the Recipe for "Kim-Chee Pizza-toast a-la Scott-o"

Kim Chee

Instructions: Throw some Kim Chee on a piece of bread, add some pepper to flavour, slap on a slice of cheese... insert into toaster oven until bread is toasted and cheese is melted.

Results? An easy breakfast... so long as your breath won't matter for a few hours... lol (I think it's time to clean out the toaster oven... lol)

For the uninitiated, Kim Chee was named a national treasure of Korea... it's essentially a mixture of cabbage, peppers and spices, all fermented... comes from Korea of course but is very popular here for it's health quotient. Some of the varieties can be pretty spicy... it certainly clears up the sinuses when you've got a cold, or can be used as a preventive measure.

Now, this recipe is not my most elaborate of course... but is a quick way to throw some breakfast together... Last night I made some lovely seafood pasta with a tomato-cream sauce... mmm mmm good!

As predicted, the weekend has filled itself up. Tomorrow night is dinner with the girl I met at Tully's coffee yesterday morning... I'll take her out to Praktica of course. Then Sunday I've got lunch scheduled with a student... and may be having someone from out of town coming in on Sunday as well... or I may be heading out... who knows, it's still in the planning stages. Today was spent touring with Alex and Scott... checked out a couple of shops... asked if Tobu could replace my lenses on my sunglasses... looks like I may be better to ship them home and have my parents handle it through the Sunglass Hut... shipping is cheaper than the difference in prices for polarized lenses between Canada and Japan.

One more public announcement: Props go out to Scott-o, he knows why... you don't need to.

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Anonymous riezo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog !

Interesting pizza. I never had that

I have fun story about kimchi when I was living in London.
I was living in dormitory and some Korean students had a dinner party one day. i could smell "KIMCHI" all over that floor.But it was ok for me because I knew what it was.
But some European and middle eastern students started wondering what that smell was then asked me. so I said "It's food." But they never believed me. then brought Lysol and sprayed all over!I can't write what they described about that smell here though....

sorry , long comment.

anyway talk to you later.

1:12 PM  

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