Thursday, September 22, 2005

Funky video...

Alright! The time has come to unveil the Cafe Praktica video... I think it turned out pretty well!
Keep in mind, the theme was "Happy" which is why we're all bopping around to some Led Zepplin tunes... it was alot of fun to shoot... and kind of funny to see us all on there... lol I love the shots of the chef and his wife behind the counter... that's totally genuine... they are the happiest restauranteurs I've ever met! It's a great little place, and I think it may be the first place that I've been so attached to. Back home, I'd go to so many different restaurants, you never had any feeling of belonging.

So part one of the week is over, with tomorrow being a National Holiday... we of course open back up on Saturday so it's not exactly a long weekend but it kind of is. This week was good, though pretty busy... and a little confusing on some fronts... but I'll give her a week or so to figure things out before posting the rant I have building inside me right now... lol

Met a nice cute girl this morning at Tully's, noticed she had an English book and so I struck up a conversation. She teaches English to kids, and seems quite nice... definately someone I'll be in touch with... actually I think I'll email her now! My next social commitment is on Tuesday, though I'm sure something will develop to fill in the weekend... it always does, though it's been a nice relaxing week. Don't think I've gone out or had a beer since Sunday night!!!

By the way, to those wondering... I do know who from the head office has been reading my musings on here... and there's nothing to worry about, he's cool.

Anywho, time for some cooking... I think I'll throw together some kind of seafood pasta for dinner tonight...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CM looked good.
I know what you mean about a place to call your own. That is what makes life in Japan special. That connection you make with the people and places you go to. I have a ton of places that I just love and feel a strong connection to. I haven't been to those places in years now, but if I ever go back those are the first places I go to. I have a strong affinity to food. Food is what makes trips special. Most of my favorite conversations or experiences revolve around food. The atmosphere, the people that were there, my feelings, all of it. How about you?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...


Food is a great social experience out here... I've had dinners go on for hours and hours until the place closes down and they kick us all out!

It's just great to sit around a table with friends and shoot the proverbial shit. (if you don't mind my French)

Atmosphere and memories totally make a place.. you are absolutely correct on that one.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dat vas vierd!

6:06 PM  

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