Thursday, September 15, 2005


My dear god, leave it up to Mr. Lewis to take an odd situation and turn it into an amusing comic strip... I think his idea is pretty good! Maybe we could turn it into an anime strip or a weekly manga or something? He took our experience the other night at the seedy bar and turned it into this:

"I’ve decided to turn this into a comic book, staring The Grey Goose. The Grey Goose is a common, everyday fellow without mutant superpowers, etc. but is in fact a Canadian Ninja. His mission is to seek out and destroy unpleasant drinking establishments, freeing oppressed patrons to imbibe with liberty and freedom. His arsenal consists of the Tundra grip, which reduces the enemy’s biceps to shriveled little raisins, The Smirnof IceStorm which is a hydro-projection weapon that ruins upholstery, causes slippery floors, smells poorly, especially when left sitting, causes terrible humiliation to any enemy struck by it, and has a huge (forgive the pun) demoralizing factor on the enemy when the delivery system is shown to him. The only known counter for the Smirnoff Ice Storm is a urinal puck. When things get serious, he uses the Hockey Stick of Vengance, or the Lacross Stick ofRetribution. He is clad in CCM body armor, and for further protection, has The Canadian Shield. So, what do you think, eh?"

That's just fantastic! Few notes here... Grey Goose is a Vodka, Smirnoff Ice is a Vodka cooler drink thing, and CCM makes most of the hockey equipment back home, and the Canadian Shield is the name given to most of Canada, which is essentially covered in a shield of rock. How cool is that!!! ***Anyone thinking of stealing this idea should be reminded of the CC license to the right of this site, and that everything here is copyrighted to myself*** lol

So the video yesterday went well... they had prepared a wonderful Basque (region in Spain) chicken for us served with a warm piece of bread.... mmmmmm. Didn't have any problems smiling for their video! I'm intrigued to see how it'll turn out, should take about a week to edit everything. I've added a link to their web site on the right.... EVERYBODY in Utsunomiya should go check this place out... especially if you're one of our students and are actually very close when you come to class.... head there after class for lunch or dinner, they're open 11:30 to 10:30 every day but Thursday and the fourth Wednesday of the month. Mention you read about it from me and they'll be quite pleased!

Anywho, off to make breaky and to take on the day, we're receiving another model lesson from our favourite ET today during the meeting, this time for one of the books we sometimes have problems figuring what to do with. This ET gig certainly seems to be interesting, couple of months here, couple of weeks there... hmmmm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you found the blog yet?
. . .

Posted on August 16.

Posted on August 25, too.

Glad to hear the video shoot went well.

Enjoy the weekend.

What you got planned for this weekend?

10:10 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Greetings, oh mysterious one... there are quite a few blogs out there from Japan... gonna take me a while to spot you... lol And that's ok, I'll just need to spend the time. I did spot a few comments of yours, I think one must have been after the big Sendai quake where you mentionned you were glad Leah was ok... I read that at the time and thought it would be someone we knew...

If it's any help to my search... I think I have your IP address... I may have to put some human ressources into this, perform my search outside of the web... just too much stuff out here. If you get asked about computer stuff and surfing patterns in the next few days... assume one of my spies has reached you and please do cooperate... lol

This weekend? Well after the 7-lesson marathon that is Saturday, I hope to get some good rest tomorrow night, then lunch with some friends Sunday and a dinner date at Modern Sunday night. Quiet-esque weekend I guess.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Schmee. said...

Still trying to profile Scott into a partner for you. I was thinking sidekick, but I don't see Scott in that way. More like equal partner, or an aliance of 2 separate identities. Leave it with me, and tell him not to worry, niether final character will wear tights.

You never commented on my "That" sentence you asked for?!!?

2:18 PM  

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