Saturday, September 03, 2005

More goodbyes... sheesh!

Yesterday was Master Noriyuki-sensei's last day with us before he heads out to Kawagoe school in Saitama to thrill them with his teaching prowess. He's a good kid, as I'm sure I've said before... has helped me uncountable times with my Japanese, and even made the most amazing reservations for me on Thursday night! Akiko and I were seated in a private traditional Japanese room in the restaurant on the top floor of the Washington Hotel, with a window overlooking the city... absolutely amazing. Here be some pics of yet another goodbye to a good friend, with Kanako as photographer.

Scott-o offering another fabulous rendition of an original goodbye poem...

The crazy bunch of us, minus some part time teachers and Alex, the Emergency Trainer who's with us for a while... and whoever is taking the picture...

Crazy bunch again, with Yoshi joining.

The boys of AEON Utsunomiya, expect a calendar to come out for 2006.

Out for a biru at Izzy's as a final farewell.

I'm sure Scott and I will hook up with Nori some time in the near future, check out something or other in Tokyo, as usual this is not a goodbye, just a see ya later.... too bad nonetheless.

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