Thursday, September 29, 2005

A new tradition...

Well it seems we've made up a bit of a routine here... looks like most mornings (at least until it gets too cold) we're meeting at Tully's for a morning coffee outside while perusing the lovely view. People watching is great, especially near PARCO, the shopping Meca of central Utsuno.

We derive our greatest pleasure from watching the ladies stroll by, though not for the reason you think. Yes, we do appreciate when a lovely, cute woman walks by and flashes us a smile... but we enjoy much more commenting on the nastiness which seems to be infecting the Japanese youth these days. I guess the best way to call them is"Shibuya-girls" (Shibuya being a trendy shopping area in Tokyo)

For those of you who live or have visited here, you know what I mean. In an attempt to be "different" an entire sub-class of Japanese youth have turned into identical fashion drones. You can spot them instantly... I of course am focusing on the women... Some of the standard attributes are as follows:
  • Thin, anorexic thin in some cases.
  • Skin tanned to a roasted-turkey brown at a tanning salon (like the place near Praktica which proudly screams out it's name: "Blacky")
  • Tanned skin then covered with a generous layer of foundation
  • Eyes covered in a dark layer of eye shaddow
  • Eyebrows plucked bald and pencilled in.
  • Healthy black hair has been chemically destroyed and is now a faded blondish colour.
  • Usually in a jean mini-skirt, though anything "jean" seems acceptable.
  • Sometimes accompanied by metrosexual, effeminite Japanese "male" with admitedly nice shoes and clothes...
Now personally, I would be ashamed to be seen walking with one of those "ladies." I will try and get some pictures, to better explain the issue... but in the meantime... allow me to direct you to this article.

Also, I have decided to become "artsy." Having left my firearms and manly camping gear behind back home, I have decided to re-arm myself here in Japan. My weapons of choice were purchased this morning at the 100Y shop, a sketch pad, 3 pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpenner. Yes, I will become a street sketcher. We'll see what my skills are like, I haven't picked up a pencil for any kind of artistic purpose since High School... but I think it should be an interesting experience. I have been inspired by Scott-o and his amazing sketches of life and scenes in Japan...

This weekend, I am heading to Nikko!!! Finally! I am heading out there with 3 students... Tomomi, Yoshiko and Shige will be my travelling partners for the day, should be a blast to finally visit what some consider to be the most important cultural site in Japan.

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Anonymous S'mee said...

That's's gone too far now. I'm adding a log from Algonquin to your care package. That should restore your balance of Japanadian.

......I'm serious.

6:22 PM  

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