Sunday, September 18, 2005

Utsunomiya ah, Utsunomiya

You know what? This place is great. Last night, after stopping in for "one" beer with Scott and Alex at the Mexican place... which turned into four I think, we decided to take a look at Yatai Mura, which I had never been to. Yatai Mura is an outdoors bar\pub\restaurant area with all these little stalls that can hold maybe 6-8 customers each and there's this huge variety of stuff from Oconomiyaki to Korean to Taiwanese food. We picked a stool and pulled up to one of the counters at the Taiwanese place and had a lovely meal of Yaki-Soba (noodles), Ika (Squid) with an amazing ginger sauce, some grilled asparagus and some beef jerkey. I'm really disapointed I didn't bring my camera... I think I'll start carrying it around with me like ALL the time... Us three musketeers are certainly having a good time out here. I recall this one segment of conversation, during which we were of course discussing a certain member of the female sex and one of us asked what level of English they were, to which the answer was Take Off, Take off is one of our textbooks at school... this launched us into a conversation of just how much we'd become English teachers out here... From now on, we'll be discussing women as follows: "You should really meet Ayako, she's cute, nice body, good hair, her grammar is about STP level and her confidence would put her in Encounter but she needs to work on her quick response and sentence structure a little bit before I'd give her the nod to go up into Checkpoint." How sad is that!!!

Alex still can't get over how good life is here... no long commute to work, no need to go any kind of distance to meet people or go out, and no lack of people to keep things interesting. We are having a blast out here in the Kanto "countryside." I met up with the German financial guy again at the Lion's head on Friday night and we talked a little more... he'd given me his card last weekend when we first met, I may just email him. Always good to have some French sources in town right? And maybe his girlfriend has some cute single friends too!

As for the saga of last Wednesday night, it seems things may not have been quite as sinister as I had imagined as far as Emi goes. She is in fact the owner of a couple of flower shops, including Ark Frola downstairs from work... I had a student ask the flower shop lady yesterday. So I guess that little hole in the wall she took us to is just her hangout, and the problem rests with the bartender who must have had a bee up his ass over something. The more I think of it, the happier I am I was still in total control of my faculties at the time and was able to diffuse the situation. I'm sure I and Scott wouldn't have had much of a problem handling the barman and his goon... but a weapon can get pulled pretty quickly in those situations and that would just plain suck! So I don't think I'll head back down the alleys behind the Washington Hotel any time soon... unless accompanied by a trustworthy Japanese individual...

Just came back from Praktica where I had a lovely lunch (Green Thai Curry, AMAZING!) with three young Japanese ladies. The initial plan was Miho (former student) and her friend, but they brought along a third so I had my very own little harem when I walked in to CP, and of course got quite the smirk from the owners... They must think I'm some kind of player or something, apart from the two times I've been there with Kanako... I've now been there 4 times. The first three times with three different girls, and now this time with 3 other girls. Quite amusing.... Tonight is dinner at Modern with Akiko and then maybe a movie. Another relaxing weekend in the big city!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michel,
Glad to hear that you are doing well in Utsunomiya. Never been you know. Al used to be there and now Alex is there. They have said good things about the place...
Someday I'll get of these days? Well, I am not MMORG...If you e-mail me, I'll send you my blog link. That'll be easier. Just don't want everyone to know. You know what I mean? BTW, I ran into Leah. She's doing well.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

You must have made it up to Nikko by now right?

Will email you tomorrow... don't have your email here at home... Ciao

11:46 AM  

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