Saturday, October 29, 2005

Could it be? The best weekend yet?

Sure started off that way! Friday night was an absolutely amazing night... Saturday was the typical Saturday, lots of classes, lots of students, but it went by quickly.

After work tonight, the boys decided to check out a place called Kegon inside the Tobu Grande hotel nearby... looked like a kind of funky cigar lounge from the picture we saw... and it was amazing!!! Small bar, just two barmen\waiters run the whole show, it was nice and quiet and the guy will definately remember our names, which means we'll be back. We sat there to shoot the shit for about 2 hours, had 2 drinks each along with a lovely cigar courtesy of Alex... man, what a way to end the week! To top it all off, we headed accross the street to have some Yokohama-style Ramen at a SUPER busy shop... we were lucky to get three seats... shortly after we came in, the walls lined up with people waiting for a seat at the counter. That was the fastest I ever ate a bowl of steaming hot Ramen!!! The Ramen-master kept eying people who weren't eating fast enough... I'm sure he wouldn't think twice about kicking out some slow eaters. Coincidentally, this Ramen shop was where I had my first meal in Utsunomiya... Matt-sensei took me there on the Saturday I came in to town.

So far so good, and the weekend is just now officially starting! Tomorrow is a lovely trip out to Nikko to see the Fall colours, should be quite nice, and yet again, the company is what makes it good. As Scott has been saying, life just seems to keep getting better and better!

This week, I also took possession of my passport with my Chinese Visa securely pasted into it... woohoo! Today I also received my package from containing Lonely Planet Beijing and China as well as some movies, I'll start in on planning the nitty gritty of my trip on Monday.

So some more Nikko pics coming at you tomorrow... ceeyayo!

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