Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I know I'm on the other side of the planet and the closest I'll get to seeing any hockey out here is to head to Nikko to see the "Nikko Ice Pucks" take on the "South Korean something or others" but dammit after reading the stories in today's Ottawa Sun, the blood is pumped up a bit and I'm sending my good vibes to the Corel Centre for tonight's home openner where our beloved Ottawa Senators with battle against the evil and despised Toronto Maple Leafs.

If the pre-season is any indicator (Sens won 6 of 7 games) it should be a heck of a season after the horrible lockout last season which left us without our National sport. Heck, even Don Cherry, THE lopsided Toronto fan has picked Ottawa to go all the way this year. New coach, new (though he's over 40!) superstar goaltender, new team, new toughness... I think this may finally be the year!

With any luck, there is a clause in my contract which states that if the Sens make it to the Stanley Cup finals, I get to take a few days off and see the game... I'll have to scrutunize the contract in a few minutes to check... that's gotta be right up there with major illness in the family right?

I will miss the feel of the Corel Centre... hard to put into words the feeling of 19,000 people cheering for the home team... nothing like it out there.

Speaking of hockey and Canada... and thus Ice and Cold... I find it quite amusing that people keep telling me how cold it's going to be this Winter here... I will admit the insulation and heating systems here suck... but when you're talking about -5 degrees celsius in the worst dead of Winter scenarios... I think I'll be ok. You should see the faces I get when I tell students I was skiing in -30 degree temperatures last Winter... lol And it's true! I was at Camp Fortune night skiing, and the temperature dropped to -32 or so... even colder with the wind chill... so to the Tochigi Winter I say: "Bring it on!" In Ottawa, we get daytime highs in the minus 25 range once in a while... even colder during a cold snap... here, I'm looking at -5 some nights, highs above 0... not so bad.

Anyways, off to bed with me, hopefully when I wake up, the Sens will be part way through raking the leafs... GO SENS GO!

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