Saturday, October 22, 2005

Halloween comes early to Utsunomiya

Yes, that's right, as lucky as we are here in Utsunomiya, Halloween graced us with it's presence a full 9 days in advance! Halloween is quite simply put, just a fantastic excuse to act silly and let it all hang out so to speak. It's a great day, even though it isn't really recognized here in Japan. Our students certainly knew about it yesterday!

We had quite the bash, it was alot of fun. On an interesting side note before I go on to the pictures, I found it quite amusing to go out in public in full costume not once but twice! Why was this enjoyeable you ask? Wouldn't it be embarassing to be walking around with a mustache and beard painted on your face in public? Well You must of course remember that this is Japan, and in Japan us foreigners already rank a 12 out of 10 on the weirdness factor, so bumping it up to a 15 didn't so much as cause a ripple in the water. I went out to lunch as usual at 2PM, AND at 8PM we went into Nagasakiya to do some grocery shopping for the party... in a crowded store of course. And you know what the funniest thing of all was? Apart from the double-take we usually get just for being non-Japanese, nobody gave us a second look! It was quite interesting to say the least... and quite liberating in fact... And for the record, I was costumed as a drunk French teacher...

On to the pics. First here is a shot of Scott and I in full regalia upon our return from Nagasakiya. We even rolled the two carts all the way into the office after motioning to the security guard that we were just parked "down that way a bit" and would be right back... lol On the right is Airi, one of my private students, before the costume came out.

Here's a group of us, and yes that was in fact wine in that bottle... and yes I was drinking directly from the bottle.... not water, wine! And for those of you who tried the wine last night and want to know the name, it's Mission St-Vincent Bordeaux, and amazing white wine available at Cafe Praktica by the glass and Yamaya by the bottle. I recommend Praktica, the food is probably better than at your place... and they clean the dishes!!!

Couple more costumes

We even had a celebrity appearance in the form of Spider Man, who disguised himself as Groucho Marx so as not to be recognized...

Some headgear swapping... gotta love Master Yoshi's laugh, I think probably the most heartfelt, honest laugh I've heard in quite some time.

Here's something you don't see every day, Darth Vader having a seat on a Jedi Knight's lap...

So it was a blast, the games rocked, and of course my team won both games, without my help! Great job Airi on picking out Information, good job Mayu on spelling Mammoth with 2 Ms and good job Mitsuru on coming up with some great vocab!

After the party and a change of clothes, I met up with some of the stragglers from the party at the Lion's Head and had 2 beers before turning in around 2AM. Had to get up at 8 to clean the room and head out to the BBQ by the riverside, as organized by Arai-san.

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