Monday, October 10, 2005

This, that and the other

Another wonderfully relaxing weekend out here... had a nice dinner with a lady friend at Praktica last night and a nice walk through Hachimanyama park, life is good.

Temperature has taken a dive in the last week or so, I actually took out the old lamb skin last night for the walk, though it ended up on someone else's shoulders for most of the night... it's only getting up to the low 20s during the day, and down to mid teens at night... great sleeping weather, great walking weather, I love Fall!

Scott and I have befriended a teacher from a rival school who's been here since August, her name is Anna and she's from New Jersey... nice girl, easy to talk to and it's nice to add another gaikoku-jin to our posse! Today we all met up (at Tully's of course) and headed out to Al Noor for some Indian Curry... great food to have in weather like this. Scotto and I then headed out for our 10km loop to Chuo park and back... the leaves are starting to change a little bit, may have to head back out into the mountains some time soon!

On our way back from the park, we ended up down O-dori, the main street which cuts through town. We never walk down that way but today we did for some reason and we ended up stumbling into quite a surprising shop! I happened to glance to my right at just the right moment to spot a store, recessed from the street, with all kinds of guns hanging on the walls... quite surprising a sight for Japan so we walked in for a look. They had dozens of rifles, handguns and such... even some replica AK-47 and WWII vintage Thompson machine guns! The store's walls were lined with them! It was like being at a gun shop in the states, with one small difference... these were ALL air guns! That's right, air guns. There seems to be a rather large sub-culture here which collect these, and I assume uses them somewhere since they also sold ammo. Quite an intriguing find... So the guns were fake, but I'll tell you what wasn't, the knives and tasers which were for sale. They even had switchblade and butterfly knives, among other things, illegal in Canada. Quite an interesting shop. I of course did not have my camera with me (I should make a point of carrying it more) so didn't get any shots of this place...

Also discovered an interesting series of short films called "The Sadness of Sex" online. Quite an interesting series of films, totalling a little over an hour spread out in 10 episodes. It's essentially the story of one man's love as it goes through all the stages... the lead character\narrator is simply amazing. I guess it's kind of a satirical\comedic\dramatic view of love, my favourite part is in episode 8 when the man decides that his heart (feeling) is the cause of all his troubles and performs a crude "cardiac removal." Another bonus is that one of my favourite actoresses is in it. Peta Wilson stars as the object of the main character's affection. I used to love her when she played Nikita some time ago... I guess her latest big flick was playing with Sean Connery in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."You should check out "The Sadness of Sex" some time: HERE though some content is definately for a mature audience... so be cautious of where you open it.

Ah yes, and the Ottawa Senators are now 2-0-0 after winning the home opener 5-0 against the Buffallo Sabres.... GO SENS GO!

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