Saturday, October 01, 2005

When the police come to see you at work... is that a good or a bad thing?

So yes, I got a visit from the police today, at AEON mind you... though I don't think any students noticed... but I feel I should start from the begining, and I hope you excuse the typos, it's after 1AM and I've had a tad of wine... beer... and stuff.... damn those women!

OK, so this morning started out just like any other morning. I got up, ate, dressed, grabbed my things and headed out the door. After the "headed out the door" part is where something changed a bit in my daily routine. I walked out the door to my building while checking email on my cell phone, not really paying attention to much until I put my hand down onto the handle bar of my bike. What was different you ask? Well... there were no handlebars there... Why you ask? Because my bike had been stolen, that's why. And for the record... no, I hadn't locked it... thinking it perfectly safe deep in the confines of my building's parking spaces.

"I've been robbed!" I screamed at the top of my lungs... "Someone call the police!" I yelped... "The horror, the horror, the horror" I whispered.... Well not really, I just did a double take and walked to work... my lessons wait for no crime... lol So for the first time since the last time I walked to work, my commute took all of 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 3.... how horrible is that?

So I quickly recounted my bike theft story to my peers at the office while vaccuming and preparing my lessons and then plunged head first into the pool of nasty busy-ness that is Saturday, planning to at some point maybe fill out the requisite forms at a police station for the loss of my wheels.

Between classes 1 of 7 and 2 of 7, Scott told me I should talk to Master Yoshi, since he may have some good news for me. A glimmer of hope quickly appeared in my head about my bike, but since I hadn't reported the theft yet or anything, I discounted any possibilities of a return of my beloved mamachari.

Low and behold, when I approached Yoshi to ask about this "news" item... he tells me they got a call from the police and that they had recovered my bicycle. Now, keep in mind this is within 2-3 hours of me even noticing the thing was gone, and before I even reported it... the police were calling my place of employment and telling me that they had recovered my stolen bicycle and would be dropping by at 5PM to drop it off! How fucking amazing is that? (I thought this one needed the full effect of a good swear word, which when used to emphasize a point, isn't really swearing at all in my opinion) Not only did they find the thing, but I didn't have to go down to some depot a million miles away to pick it up... they had door to door delivery!

So with a little more zip in my step, I proceeded to teached lessons 3 through 5 and then inconspicuously waited in the lobby for the arrival of the police. Sure enough, a few minutes after 5, two uniformed gentlemen stepped off the elevator and made their way into the school. Yoshi and I joined them outside for an inspection of the bike, "Yup that's mine, though the bastards stole my 100Yen umbrella off of it" before heading back upstairs to spend about 40 minutes filling out paperwork, complete with fingerprints in lieu of signatures all over the place... that was an interesting touch... guess you can never claim your signature was forged if your print is the signature.

So after only a few hours of seperation, my stolen property was returned to me, all with practically no effort on my part... a rather interesting situation no?

Talk about policework! Had this been a normal workweek and I had been heading in to work at noon instead of an ungodly 10AM, the call about the recovery of my bike may have come before I even knew it was stolen! How freaky is that? With all their government waste and corruption, the Japanese government seems to have perfected a bicycle theft recovery strategy.... seems my bike was found during a random registration check somewhere on the East side of the city (yes bikes are registered here) and they pulled some punk off of it for not being me... I hope he hangs!!!

Seriously though, if only they took the problem of groping on subways as seriously as they take bicycle theft, I'm sure this would be a heck of a better place for women to live!

Tried a great restaurant tonight called Source, owned and run by one of my students... he treated me and my date like kings!!! It was fantastic... next time I will bring my camera and take some snaps of the goings on...

Anywho, better get to be now... I've got to head out to Nikko tomorrow and enjoy some sighteseeing... pictures to come!

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Anonymous Sherry said...

Had you reported your bike missing to police back here they would have laughed at you and told you to go get yourself a new one!

Now THAT's service!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're lucky that they found your bike. I guess that is the difference between Tokyo and Utsunomiya. I have had 4 bikes stolen...yes, four. They still haven't come back. Not holding my breath. The bike I had was an old mama-chari, too. Damn. I know the feeling of going outside and not having your wheels where you think it should be. You are just 5 minutes away. Think about how far it is for me to commute to the station. A little farther than that! Well, I have to run. I liked your Nikko stories, too. Lucky you had a local who knew his stuff. I learned a few things. Also, never went that close to the falls. From afar was enough.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had my bike stolen once. Was just running into a store for a second so I didn't bother to lock it and when I came out it was gone. I think most of the time bikes are stolen in Japan it is because somebody is looking for a means to get home quick after last train...not to sell it. I managed to recover my bike by searching the area it was stolen over the next few days. Sure enough the person who stole it used it to ride back to the same train station they stole it from and then I found it.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Smee said...

Bike-cops-recovery; very cool! The Samurai-Ninja Bicycle Squadron must have been on duty. (to anyone I just offended, my appologies. I just watched a pile of anime movies this weekend, and it seemed a plausable theme at the time of my writing this comment). Oh, and no, not THAT kind of anime either.

6:29 PM  

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