Thursday, November 03, 2005

If only every week were like this...

So yesterday was a National Holiday here in Japan, which meant that after working 2 days, I had a day off, and now have to return to work for two more days. Quite a lovely schedule! I think I'll have a petition passed around to make every Thursday a National Holiday... come on, we must be able to find something important to commemorate right? For example, Next Thursday is the anniversary of Sesame Street's premier on PBS in 1969! That's worthy of a day off for sure... or if not, it's also the anniversary of Hirohito being crowned Emperor of Japan in 1928... come on people! Let's remember these historical events like they deserve to be remembered!!!

So of course, having yesterday off was fantastic... had a wonderful dinner at Source on Wednesday night, then a fantabulous day yesterday. After putting around Bell Mall for a bit where I discovered the marvels of a 300Y shop (same as a 100Y shop but tripple the price and quality of goods) we went to see Domino, a rather artsy-heavy-on-violence semi-real biography of Domino Harvey, daughter of a famous British actor who went from modelling with one of the top agencies in L.A. to Bounty Hunting. Keira Knightley (she's only 20!!!) was great as the lead character and I love tough-guy Mickie Rourque in this one, well chosen ensemble of actors. Quite an interesting movie, though they admit to have only very loosely based it on her experiences and then went far off into fiction with it. It was a little difficult to follow sometimes, and I can understand English and didn't need to follow with Japanese sub-titles!!! Continuity was the major issue here... it's told in a flash-back style, but within the flashback there are multiple "action stops after 10-20 minutes after character realizes what she thought happened didn't really happen and so everything goes into rewind and a second story line comes out" which made for some confusing sub-plots and such. All in all, a good movie though... On a rather sad note about the difficult life Domino had, she was arrested last March on charges of peddling more than 2 million dollars worth of Meth, she was placed under house arrest while awaiting trial and was found dead of an accidental painkiller overdose in June at the age of 35, a few short months before the release of the movie. This was very much a case of a young lady trying to escape the mold that was carved for her in life by society\her family... too bad she had to resort to such drastic measures to find herself.

After the movie, we headed out to have a bowl of that wonderful Kumamato style Ramen from LaLa Square, and then headed home for the night. Great day! So now that I've wasted time and have been in denial about actually having to go in to work this morning, I guess I'd better start getting ready and head out to meet Scotto at Tully's... the best way to start off a work day. Unfortunately, I think we may be changing our base of operations shortly from Tully's to Starbucks. Once the weather gets too cold to sit outside, Tully's does not offer such a welcoming environnment since the indoor smoking section is not closed off... Starbucks is non-smoking... and has Chai latte's!!!

Oh yeah, and how's this for a wrestling story!!!

And in Sports news... My beloved Ottawa Senators have moved to 9 wins and only 2 losses this season after slicing up the Buffallo Sabres 10-4 the other night... At the moment, they are engaged in a battle with Stanley Cup defending Champs the Tampa Bay Lighting and are up 2-1 in the second period. This time change thing has screwed up my hockey listening... Ottawa is now14 hours back from Japan, not the 13 it was before.... dagnabit... GO SENS GO!

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