Monday, December 19, 2005

Another nice evening at "Chez Michel"

Wonderful afternoon spent in my hallway... euh I mean kitchen... lol I do enjoy cooking, and really miss the kitchens I've had in the past... but I make due. In fact, this whole limited space\cooking surface thing has turned me into a half decent planner as far as prep work and timing goes... I'm doing pretty damn good!

Started off with salad (real salad, not that cabbage stuff they try and pawn off as salad out here) with a lovely sesame\garlic dressing (I was lucky, seeing as I couldn't read any of the labels, I chose what I thought was salad dressing off the shelf near the veggies) and some kind of mexican\italian wrap which I settled for at La Vie de France where I had intended to get some kind of bread. I was quite disapointed when I got there and all they had left was desserts and stuff... no simple buns or garlic bread or anything... oh well.

Tonight, I decided to fire up the Moose Noodle Pasta Mr. Lewis sent me in my care package last month. While I diverted from his request for an oriental style dish, I think he would be happy at my attempt to make his "Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" pasta sauce which I love so much. Of course I don't have all the spices necessary, but I think I did rather well... Here is the seprate ingredients after a couple of hours of work... several steps were necessary due to my single burner... brown beef first, then cook sausages, then make up the base sauce, then cook the pasta, then fry up the veggies and finally throw it all together.... whew! This is a few minutes before adding the veggies into the sauce.

I opted to make tonight's meal "au gratin" and with the help of my trusty toaster oven, I think everything turned out quite nicely.

Quite a lovely evening. Back to work tomorrow for a slighty hectic, if short, week. Two teachers are being sent to Sinjuku for training on Wednesday which means I've been saddled with some extra classes. With the National Holiday on Friday it also looks like I'll be teaching a couple of extra lessons so students can get their lessons in, though I haven't been told this yet (I looked at the schedule on Saturday) which is quite annoying. The lack of communication here is quite disapointing... why do so many things have to be kept secret??? On another note, if a certain someone at the office turns on the heat during classes one more time, I may send them to burn in the infernal fires of hell for all time. Near the end of the evening on Saturday night, the heat became so unbearable that it made some of the staff feel ill, and all students diverted their conversations to the subject of the heat, not the lesson's subject... dagnabit leave things be... if students say it's cold, we'll turn on the heat for a few minutes... if everybody's fine, leave things be!!!

Friday I will be heading in to Tokyo, though not sure exactly where and to do what yet... and then back home for the final packing for the trip to Beijing!!! My plane leaves in just over 129 hours!!! Woohoo!

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Anonymous S'Mee said...

Nicely Done!

Very nice cookin' Mophone! I just made up another batch of sauce this weekend. A BIG batch. About 8L worth. *LOL* Oh, and did I mention I made up about the same in Chilli, and also Beef Stew?? (I still have dishes to do!)I did a pan of tradidional lasagne, and also tried a chicken one....not bad!!

Glad to see the adventures are still non-stop.

Have BIG Fun!!

3:12 PM  

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