Friday, December 23, 2005


After 7 long months during which time I've done without, the mexican marvel that are fajitas have returned to my life, albeit temporarily.

My family sent me (as part of a wonderfully useful and wonderful Christmas care package) 2 fajita kits which include seasoning, tortillas and salsa, and I cracked the first one open tonight to serve as Christmas Dinner with my girlfriend. Quite the feast it was! And the gift exchange was wonderful... I am now all stylish with my very own Keith Valler UK designer cell phone accessory... I am turning Japanese, I kid you not!

So this was the last dinner I will be cooking in Japan. Tomorrow night after work, I run down to the train station and hop on the Ueno-bound Shinkansen and then transfer for Narita. Sunday morning, I wake up at an ungodly hour and make my way to Narita Terminal 2 where I will embark on my non-stop flight to Beijing! This trip has been months in planning so it's nice for it to finally be here. I've got a pretty chilled out itinerary... once I get to China... lots of time to do plenty of stuff... but here are the highlights.

Saturday December 24th - Utsunomiya to Narita
Sunday December 25th - Narita to Beijing
Monday December 26th - Afternoon walking through the Hutongs of Beijing
Tuesday December 27th - Visit the Great Wall of China
Wednesday December 28th - Visit markets of Beijing, depart Beijing for Xian
Thursday December 29th - Visit Terracotta Army and Xian City walls, depart Xian for Beijing
Friday December 30th - Visit the Forbidden City
Saturday December 31st - Visit Temple of Heaven and Tienanmen Square - Find New Ywar's party in the Sanlitun bar area.
Sunday January 1st - Recover from party, maybe visit Summer Palace
Monday January 2nd - Depart Beijing for Narita, arrive Utsunomiya around 5PM.

So that's it, the final post to sushiandmaplesyrup from Japan for 2005.... in case I can't get online in China or that the government severely censors to the point that I cannot blog... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

***Minutes after writing the comment about China censoring blogger... I've checked and it in fact may be the case. I will try to access it anyway, we shall see.

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