Saturday, December 03, 2005

Japan, so internationaru... NOT

Walking home tonight after a brew with Scott and Motoki, we encountered yet another sign (litterally) of the prevalence of closed-minded people out here in the sticks of Tochigi. In the stairs leading up to a bar which I guess must be on the floor above the Lion's Head sits a sign which says in large black capital letters: "PRIVATE PARTY" and right underneath: "JAPANESE ONLY"

WTF? I can't imagine walking down the streets anywhere and finding a sign that says: "WHITES ONLY"... that shit went away some time ago if I recall correctly, at least I thought it had in developped nations such as Japan is supposed to be. Just how messed up are some of these people? People seem to be genuinely afraid of foreigners for some reason as seen by the double-takes and the stares we often get in places where one would not expect a foreigner to be. (i.e. grocery store, Japanese restaurant) Quite disapointing, in that it keeps reinforcing the fact that no matter how long you stay here you will be different, apart, segregated. One example of this segreagation is the fact that to become a Japanese citizen (a VERY difficult process) one has to take on a Japanese name... yeah that's a great way to prove that you are a forward thinking nation and are willing to integrate people into your culture.

Anywho, that "JAPANESE ONLY" sign now has "RACIST" emblazonned accross it as well... so there you go....

So has it been a busy week? Not really, I've just been lazy, sleeping in and not doing much worth posting about.

The Canadian Government (it pains me to call the Lieberals Canadians... but hey...) has fallen and a general election has been called for January 23rd. I promptly downloaded and filled out the appropriate forms to register as an international voter... and Bobby from the Hip Hop shop on O-dori let me use his fax to send it in, nice guy that he is. I should be receiving a ballott by mail at some point at which point I will do my part to at the very least eliminate some moron's Liberal vote in my left-leaning riding... and all this from Japan! Ain't democracy fantabulous???

Still haven't quite figured out what the heck to send home for Xmas this year... this whole "being in Japan" thing really complicates my gift buying experience. I hope to have everything wrapped up and sent by the end of next week... hopefully it gets home in time... if not, blame the post office or something.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Grande Ol' Toho Cinemas for a screening of the latest installment of Harry Potter, which should be quite good. Then it's coffee with a friend and probably off home for some cooking for two, we shall see. On Monday, a student is having us over in the afternoon for some Nabe... mmmmmmmm...

It's great that we know so many amazing Japanese people to counterbalance the evil \ racist \ closed minded ones who are around out here. It's people like the ones we spend our free time with that makes the trip out here worthwhile.

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Anonymous Bobbins said...

You guys wrote on their sign??? AWESOME JOB! I would have crashed the party too!

You are gonna LOVE Harry Potter! We went to see it the weekend it came out. They cut out SOOOOO much from what was in the book. With the stuff they cut out it would have been a good 6 or 7 hours. Its already 3! It was great though! I hope you like it!

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
has a place where you can submit findings of such signs. Most of these places are probably yakuza run nightclubs, or sex parlours, so who'd want to go in there anyway?

5:10 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

I thought about crashing the party too, but that would have been way more fun if we could communicate in Japanese and could have an actual verbal disagreement with them....

That web site is amazing! I'm about to write a comment on it and add it to my links... And you're right, I've never wanted to walk up those stairs to check the bar out at all, but the discrimination was still there...

10:22 AM  

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