Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Presents under the tree...

or maybe "Presents under what was once a tree"?

Received a package from home today containing some lovely wrapped presents and some letters from my mom and 2 brothers. While I was told I couldn't open the presents yet, I did crack open the letters... it was nice to hear from home... MERCI!

So I now officially (kind of) have a Christmas tree, complete with ornament and gifts. Here it is in all it's glory... lol The tree I got from Sean last month, it was an evergreen, close enough to a Christmas tree... and the ornament was given to me by my coworker Rene when I left the Firm... so there you go, Christmas in Japan. I also received a Christmas card from the lunch bunch with whom I used to break bread with every day at OR...

On another note, Scott-o used the picture of me carrying a rock at the Imoni party in October to make a nice sketch of me, which is now on my wall along with all the pictures people have given me since I got here. He modified the look slightly to make it unsure whether or not I was Japanese... pretty cool. He's a damn good sketcher, even though he just does it for fun. He'd like to put a book together some day... if anybody knows anybody who knows anybody who could help make that happen... let me know!

It'll be nice to have Friday off this week, with the National Holiday coming up... we had planned to go down to Tokyo for the day and check out the Xmas lights in Ebisu but my girl has come down with a cold so we'll likely be taking is much easier... and then I leave for Narita on Saturday night, and China on Sunday morning... still need to pack and double check a few things, but that shouldn't take too too long.

Alex had a good time skiing at Alts Bandai on Monday, I will likely join him and Alfred on January 4th for a day of skiing up there... A student told me today she thinks there's a new bus service which runs people up there from Utsunomiya for cheap... that would be great!!!

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Anonymous S'Mee said...

OMG, that was brilliant! I'm glad to see you are finding the LAWG to be so useful and versatile! Truely, a thing of beauty!

10:59 AM  

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