Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Woohoo!!! The first ski trip of the season is in the works! Arai-san of the Wednesday night beer crew will be taking us out to Shiga? Ski Resort on the border of Gunma Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture on December 18th! Just took a look around the web and I think I found the resort...

Looks pretty damn good to me! Will have to whip out the old skis some day soon and make sure everything's in order. I am quite excited to finally get out there after a long summer... can't wait!

So the China trip is also working itself out after some stressful moments earlier this week with the airport connection when I figured out I can't get there from here... or something along those lines. The original plan was to stay at Alex's pad in Saitama on Saturday night and head down to Narita early early early Sunday morning... but there's no way any train can get me there on time. This means I have to hop a Shinkansen from here to Ueno, and then catch the last Keisei Evening Liner to Narita (city, not airport) and spend the night there. I've booked a bed in a cheap (but neat and clean looking) guest house called Azure which you can check out here:
Azure Guesthouse

Also after much scouring of the Internet, I've found a Chinese language map which should guide the taxi driver directly to the hotel I'll be staying at in Beijing which from the reviews I've read is great but hidden from view and difficult to find... maps always help...

Thanks to Alex's friend and the folks with whom I'm booking the tour to Xi'an, I now have double confirmation of my reservations, which is another check mark on my list of things to do.

Soooooo things are getting slowly squared away, which is good!

Made some lovely cous cous with chicken and veggies the other night in a Thai chili-garlic sauce... mmmmmm

Quite tasty, will definately keep this one in mind for the future. Last night was simple curry and rice after the Lion's Head, tonight will be Pad Thai I think... or Pasta... dunno...

Work is going well, this week is a bit slower since all of our students who are students are in a mega exam week and thus many have cancelled or rescheduled their classes.... made for a slow day yesterday but that just means I've got everything planned out until Saturday now, which is nice.

Plans for this weekend include Cafe Praktica on Saturday night, and then, dunno....

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