Saturday, December 17, 2005

Something odd going on...

I don't know what's wrong... I just woke up and I needed to turn on the lights in my apartment to see what I was doing... did someone forget to turn on the sun this morning? I guess this work schedule of mine has me used to waking up late, I haven't been up before the sun since the jet-lag wore off some time last May... lol

So the plans changed again. Due to some snow storms moving in through Nagano, Gunma and further North making the drive in the mountains unpallatable, we've redirected out skiing efforts and are heading to Hunter Mountain in Nasu instead... much closer to Utsunomiya. Apparently the conditions aren't as good as the other places we were going, but coming from Ottawa (where skiing is often more closely related to skating) I don't think I'll notice... I just hope it's not too busy due to it's proximity to Tokyo...

Motoki will be here soon, better rustle up some breakfast and get going... we're gonna hit an Onsen after skiing too, HEAVEN!!!

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