Thursday, January 26, 2006

93 days

In 93 days, and for the following 157 hours, I will be walking on Canadian soil. Apparently, this news has already spread like wildfire through the offices of my former employer, which is funny since my family doesn't even know the details yet.... oh the power of a single email!

So yes, after what will have amounted to just about one year, I will be back in Canada for a short trip, arriving on April 30th and departing May 7th. This coincides with the Golden Week Holiday in Japan, during which AEON is closed and I get 9 days of vacation. I went to H.I.S. travel today and reserved my seat(s). I will be flying with Northwest Airlines, here is the flight info:

April 30th
16:00 (Japan Time) - Depart Tokyo for SF (9h 15min flight, 8231km)
09:15 (Pacific Standard Time) - Arrive SF (3hr 30min layover)
12:45 (PST) - Depart SF for Detroit (4hr 30min flight, 3337km)
20:15 (Eastern Standard Time) - Arrive Detroit (50min layover)
21:05 (EST - Depart Detroit for Ottawa (1hr 37min flight, 706km)
22:42 (EST) - Arrive Ottawa

Total travel time - 19 hours, 42 minutes but Time Zone changes will mean I land in Ottawa only 6 hours and 42 minutes after I took off from Tokyo.... that should do wonders for my sleep patern for the weeks following this jaunt.. lol It's actually pretty nice to break up the trip a bit... I was going bonkers on the flight to Japan... too long!

I am excited to get back home, even if it is for such a relatively short amount of time. Since I will be extending my contract beyond the current August termination date, I thought May would be a good time to come on down and say hello. For the record, I am coming home alone (this time) since my girlfriend cannot get so much time off in one shot, typical Japanese company, quite unfortunate because I would have loved to show her around and have everyone meet her.

For my return flight, I have just the one stopover in Detroit before the final (and long) leg back to Tokyo.
May 7th
12:20 (EST) - Depart Ottawa for Detroit (1hr 45min flight, 706 km)
14:05 (EST) - Arrive Detroit (1hr 20min layover)
15:25 (EST) - Depart Detroit for Tokyo (13hr flight, 10275km)
17:25 (Japan time) - Arrive Tokyo

So that's the big news for today... Today was also our first day without Alex a the school, Matt is fitting in nicely and learning the ropes as he goes along, just like we all did. I must admit that without Sir Lambert around, there is much less sex-related discussion, but we will try our best to fill in the void left by his absence by randomly muttering phrases about such and such unmentionable acts once in a while in his honour.

That's about it for now, the emails from OR have stopped for now and I'm gonna get to bed before the pics of my girl that I sent out there start a new barrage.... oyasuminasai!

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