Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good week so far

Well it's been a pretty decent return to teaching this week, with the new rotation of students\classes coming through. After a week of practically no talking, my mouth is back in shape and I'm no longer stumbling... much...

The highlight of the week so far was taking the time to have lunch at Cafe Praktica on Tuesday... tried their "porc sauté" for the first time and it was quite tasty. Less than two weeks until the teacher swap, with Alex heading off to another assignment and being replaced with Matt from St-Paul, looking forward to meeting the feller.

Another ski trip in the works for Monday, Alex and I will be heading out to ALTS Bandai, a fantastically large resort near Inawashiro in Fukushima prefecture. I am quite looking forward to it.

The Canadian election is heating up nicely with the Conservatives actually in the lead against the "same old same old" corrupt Liberals. I'm frequently tuning in to CFRA in Ottawa and hearing out the debates and such and Martin is sounding more and more desperate. The latest stupidity to come out of his mouth is a promise to scrap the Notwithstanding clause, which allows the government to nullify Supreme Court decisions, in the constitution. This clause essentially ensure that our elected officials have some measure to balance the power of the nominated Supreme Court. The biggest problem with removing this clause is that it would inflame Quebecers again since the clause was the only reason they supported the latest draft of the constitution in the first place. They simply do not want to be controlled by a panel of political appointees, and quite frankly, neither to I. Martin is essentially only taking his way of ruling one step further. Since he has come into power, decisions made by the Court have dictated public policy, a job which should be reserved for him and his party. To all those who were not pleased with the decisions, he said he couldn't do anything about it as it was a court decision... he just wants to make that statement final by removing the only way government has of protecting public interests from a group of Liberal judges going wild...

Anywho, gotta get ready for work... l8tr.

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