Saturday, January 21, 2006


Woke up this morning to a wonderful sight.... the neighbourhood had been covered by a light dusting of snow overnight.

It's been strange going through a winter without any snow on the ground, though I've been lucky enough to get a taste of it when I hit the slopes in December and when the white stuff came down in Beijing. It's just not the same having a winter without any snow... you get all the cold, but none of the benefits. Snow muffles sounds, this morning was nice and quiet for a change. Snow also covers up all the dust and dirt which covers most buildings around here, so it was nice to have things looking clean...

Unfortunately, by the time I headed out the door this morning, it had mostly all melted... apparently Tokyo's snow fall stuck around, odd since it's warmer than Utsunomiya there usually.

What better to have on a snowy morning then fresh fruit... had a great little spread here this morning with orange, grapefruit, apple and strawberries, with some yogourt and Earl Grey tea thrown in to the mix. Guess them fruits'll help "keep the scurvy away" as Scott says.

Today was our last Saturday with good ol' Arekusu-sensei, and the last day I'll be working without our new teacher Matt who comes in on Monday. Students are quite disapointed to see that young scamp leave, and so are we. Tomorrow is skiing at ALTS Bandai, should be an amazing day, and this time I'll try not to pass out at the onsen... lol

Earlier this week, I slapped together some tacos, which were quite tasty.

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