Monday, February 27, 2006

Sick students, the bane of any teacher's existence

Yes, by that title you may infer that I am in fact caught in the midst of another cold. I am assuming one of my students on Saturday was contagious and I came down with this Sunday night. Aaaarg! This mean that my one day off of the week was basically spent moping around my apartment, lovely... yeah I'll volunteer to work another Sunday real soon... right.

There was as always, my Yo-chan to let a ray of sunshine into an otherwise work\cold filled weekend. On Friday night we went to Cafe Praktica for dinner and had a fabulous meal as is always the case. Next time I go there I'll have the Borscht, haven't had it yet but stealing from others has shown me it is yummy!

Inspired by the song "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson, I whipped up a batch on Sunday morning and they turned out quite tasty! I did a double dose of bananas, both in the batter and in a warm topping with the maple syrup that Rene got me when I left Canada... it was fabulous! Too bad we couldn't do like the song suggests and spend the whole day in bed, suited up shortly after breakfast and headed in to the office.

After work, I was picked up and whisked away to a great dinner consisting of Korean style rice, yuba (variety of tofu), a lovely broccoli salad and some gyoza... I really should stop taking pictures of my ugly meals and start taking pictures of her lovely meals.... mmmm. We then watched "Never Been Kissed" which though somewhat predictable was an enjoying movie nonetheless. I was also reminded of an incident last weekend that I'd forgotten to include on here. As dessert after the scallops, I had picked up some pudding cups which have an image of the molded pudding sitting pretty on a plate. After dinner, I promptly returned to the kitchen and my attempts to extricate the pudding from the plastic cup were in vain. I kept bashing banging it on the plate but it just wasn't coming out. It was at this point that my obviously more intelligent other half stepped up and popped a small piece of plastic from the bottom of the pudding cup, which opened a small hole in the bottom and plop, the pudding fell out onto the plate... yeah I looked real smart there... It's apparently called a "Pu-ching" pudding, based on the sound it makes when you flip the cup onto a plate (pu) and when you pull the tab (ching), quite the invention...

As I said already, today was spent lazing around... I was going to go walk with Scott but my grocery run left me feeling like crap so I cancelled. Instead, I cleaned up a bit and started on re-organizing my pantry a little bit... I'm tired of things falling through the cracks of the shelves I had so I picked up some containers today at the 100yen store and will store stuff in there. Not so much going on this week, may be heading down to Tokyo next weekend though, we shall see.

This following section is for Master Kobayashi, who keeps asking me when I'm going to cook for him every time I tell him of some meals I've created. Well tomorrow I'll be bringing him a container of banana pancake batter and some maple sugar, and since I'm not sure if he's made pancakes before (not exactly Japanese style cooking) here's a quick walk through. Since he is the Oconomiyaki cooking king, I'm sure he won't have any problems with this!

Heat up your pan and put some vegetable oil in it, then pour some of the batter into the pan. Swish our pan around so the batter spreads and you get a nice thin layer of it on the pan. When you see bubbles popping out all over the surface of the pancake, flip it over.

And voila, the perfect crispy edged pancake.... Let the other side cook for a minute or so and then put it in a plate.

You can then spread a little maple sugar on there, roll it up and enjoy!

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