Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another good week...

First, some important news from Hockey Country. After giving me a bit of a scare this morning as I listened to the game and they stayed down 1-0 through 2+ periods of play, my Ottawa Sens finally solved the hot Tampa Bay goaltender and opened up with 4 unanswered goals leading them to a 4-1 victory in the first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I've said it before, let me say it again. GO SENS GO!

Good weeks have been pretty common recently, thanks in large part I think to the official arrival of spring. While the overall weather's been a bit strange with thunderstorms and gale force winds one minute and peaceful blue skies the next, it's great to be able to walk the streets and bask in the sunshine.

Last night, the senseis and a couple of current\former students headed out to Karaoke and acted silly. It is certainly a great way to vent and to let off some steam and we had a blast! For the first time since coming to Japan, my signing was upstaged by the won!derful voice of Matto-sensei... amazing, there's no other way to describe the man's signing.

We also got to fulfill a wish by signing "In the Ghetto" by Elvis, one of the worst songs ever recorded. "In the Ghetto" has been kind of a tag on inside joke we've been adding to everyday sentences for a laugh the last few months and it was great to sing the real thing as badly as it was written.

Here's the group pic at the end of the evening, no sure what's up with Masae... or where that dolphin came from for that matter.

Another good laugh was had when Matt handed me this chocolate wrapper this afternoon at work. I assume the bad translating does not come from Japan this time since there is no Japanese text, but I could be mistaken.

Of course, the English includes a small mistake, with the word "whole" replacing the correct "full" but the real laughs came when I read the French translation at the bottom. The direct translation to English is: "Doing the husband? It's a full time job."

Tomorrow morning, Yoshiko and I are heading in to Tokyo for a well deserved weekend away. we'll spend the day in Odaiba and stay at the Grand Pacific Meridien in Odaiba tomorrow night before hitting up Kabuki on Monday and coming back to Utsunomiya.

With any luck, Le Metro (Cafe Praktica's owners' new restaurant) will have some space available for opening night and we can enjoy an inaugural meal. Should be a fantastic weekend!

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Blogger TommyA said...

Have fun in Odaiba! I LOVE that place. Went to Tokyo 2 years ago for a week, and that place alone (ok I am lying, Shibuya too...) has my favorite memories.

Been reading your site for a while now, as I recently got accepted by Aeon and will be in Nagoya, working in Chikusa. You have provided me with a lot of good info, although I know ESID. Thanks!

10:08 PM  

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