Sunday, April 30, 2006

On my way...

Well that's the first leg done.... only 3 more to go. After a fabulous breakfast this morning cooked by my lovely Yoshiko who I will miss dearly during my time away, I hopped on the ol' Shinkansen and started this journey of mine through 3 train stations and 4 airports.... ugh.
So far so good. Made it through the trains with no problems, and to the airport. There was a bit of a delay as I was selected for one of those random checks and my suitcase was searched... they even rifled through the 10-15 books I'm bringing home... sheesh!
But made it through, had some so so katsu-don at the airport and am now killing time surfing the web at a little kiosk. Very handy, and only 30% more expensive than most Internet Cafes in Japan, so not bad. I have found in my travels that Japan tends not to gouge travellers too much. There is of course a marginal increase in price as you make your way deeper into the airport and such... but 800 Yen for a katsu-don lunch set is quite reasonable.
I also just found out that my Sens just beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 5 to advance to the Conference semi-finals... only 3 more rounds to go to the Stanley Cup!
Anywho, that's that for now. Wish me luck.

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