Friday, May 05, 2006

The Algonquin Experience

Well I've returned to civilizations after a precious few hours spent in the bush with Mr. Lewis. Wednesday morning after getting our stuff together, we headed West from Ottawa in the behemoth of a vehicle I was forced to rent when the rental place didn't have the SUV I reserved. I ended up in a full size Dodge RAM quad cab, and after not driving for a year... it scared me when I first laid eyes on it. But I quickly got back in the groove and by end of our trip was parallel parking it as if it was an Austin Mini.

Don't have much time, so this will have to be a picture post with minor comments... here goes.

Here's something I've missed dearly while in Japan, natural rivers. Notice the lack of concrete... strange how Canadian rivers are able to survive the horrors of erosion and floods without the high berms and tons of concrete every river in Japan has been desecrated with...

This was the trading post, essentially a private residence, which serves as an issuer of permits to enter Algonquin Park. Notice the moose antlers at the top of the door... we unfortunately did not encounter and meese on our trip... this time.

Here is our camp site on Basin Lake, about 20 kilometers into Algonquin Park. I love pine forest... very cool little camp site... and the behemoth of a vehicle I had to take in there.

People always look at me funny when I tell them I camp in a hammock. Even the folks where we picked up our permit had never heard of such a thing. Here is the Hennessey hammock... a comfortable way to spend some time in the outdoors.

Here it is completely setup with the rain fly on top. Great way to sleep outside.

Here's Basin Lake, or at least one leg of it.

There be Sean setting up his tent after a failed attempt at getting his hammock up. He had to join the forces of the land sleepers for this trip after forgetting the instructions for his new hammock.

I forgot to rotate this pic and am not gonna take the time to do it. Enjoy the view... tilt your head to the left... :-)

Here's our happy little camp site, the Hennessey is the ultimate in Leave No Trace camping. I have nothing touching the ground, I can even hang my bag on the hammock's tree supports.

Here is lovely basin lake as the sunset was ending. I need to get a polarized lens for my camera, the glare of a full on sunset is too much for it to handle....


These are the clear waters of Basin Lake... lovely.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip were these hungry little birds who were eating from our hands... literally.

They usually don't do this in the summer... only the lean Winter months... but I guess they figured we were good kids and wouldn't try to fry em up for lunch or something. They'd just pick away at whatever we had in our hands... for a while they were annoying as they dive bombed towards our bacon cooking on the grill... but Sean was able to fight them off.

So that's about that. Heading out for 2 days at the cottage shortly... then back here for some rest and flying out on Sunday. Matta ne.

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Blogger Anskov said...

Great pics, Michel! Makes me miss good old North America.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Smee said...

Truely a grand trip Mophone! Thanks for giving up 2 whole days of your short trip home to go sit in the bush! Steaks, potatoe packs, white-man logs, Keith's, Smirnof Ice and all, a very nice trip indeed. Then again, who would expect otherwise?


Oh, and the instructions were EXACTLT where I set them out so I WOULDN'T forget them.

Oh time.

11:55 AM  

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