Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The moving process has begun

After a little over a year in my first Japanese apartment, I am on the verge of moving to another one. After 15 or more years of housing AEON teachers, the Teishin building will lose the privilege or doing so as of Sunday. It's been a good run, but I think it's time the relationship be dissolved. The floors have lost their shine, the wall paper just isn't as white as it once must have been, the dust on the balcony is just about irremovable..... hard not to feel nostalgic when you think that this was the first Japanese home to maybe ten of AEON's finest teachers over the years.

Regardless, I will be happy to be settled in to the new (NEW being the operative word here) apartment. Shiny new floors, nice clean enclosed balcony, fancy water heating system... life will be good.

The process started today with two major changes of address being made. One at City Hall which coincided with my Visa renewal, which was nice, and the other being my Internet\Phone move. It's interesting how powerless one feels in these types of situation with little to no language ability. I had to sit for over and hour while Yukiyo phoned back and forth between the Internet and Phone companies to get them to do something. It was the classic case of the right hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. A call to YahooBB told us to call NTT, while NTT sent us right back to YahooBB. In the end, it took 6 seperate phones calls, 3 to each company to get things rolling! So it's nice that that's going.

The bad news? The guy at City Hall made a mistake and we have to go back there tomorrow for him to fix it... and the Internet will take a week to transfer from here to there, leaving me offline from June the 4th to the 12th... aaarg! Luckily I will be able to bum Internet off work, and Yoshiko... and maybe even Matto if I stop calling him Matto "the natto" Sensei on this here blog....

So I've actually already made 2 trips with stuff over there, though the whole biking with a 50 pound load of books on my back wasn't so amusing... I wanted to get some things out of the way so that when I really start to pack, I don't have stuff all over the place. Sunday is the big day, though Matt will give me a hand to move the big stuff on Saturday night. I'll be able to move the TV and the rest myself, but the fridge and washing machine will be a bit too much to lug up three flights of stairs. Yoshiko will of course help, and is supplying the vehicle and driving, but god bless 'er, the appliances weigh more than she does.

Tomorrow, the packing starts in earnest, and I'll be taking care of a few changes of address myself since some services NTTDocomo (cell phone) and Lloyds (overseas remitance service) have English options. Speaking of Lloyds, I thought I should mention this here. GoLloyds answered an email I sent to their general email address I got off their web site in about 5 minutes. How amazing is that? Anyone wanting to setup a link between a Japanese account and a bank overseas, I highly recommend Lloyds... check them out at and if you sign up, do put in my name (Michel Lafleur) in the blank for referrals.

Anywho, better get to bed, early start tomorrow.

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