Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Living the life...

Ah but 'tis a good life here at Ark Daikan Bldg.. Hello everyone, I am still alive, but unfortunately still offline. Internet should be hooked up on Monday, but I'm not getting my hopes up. It took 2 months to get it hooked up in the first place, you'll have to excuse me if I feel somewhat skeptical when they say a week to move the service.

I love this apartment! It's shiny, it's new, it's well organized, it's great! Here are some pics. First, this is a shot of the living area, with patio door leading to my enclosed balcony, great for use as storage, you'll notice my skis are out there waiting for the snow to come back...

This is a shot in the opposite direction, facing the little cubby where I've setup my desk and into the kitchen. I love the layout of this place. And an extra bonus, there's room in my kitchen for my fridge! This means I don't need to have my fridge and microwave in the living room. I've also managed to put my dresser and a bookshelf into the closet, saving even more space.

The best feature of this place I think is probably this nice bay window. I will be purchasing some plants to sit on the ledge there, and I get a great breeze running through when I open the patio door and the window. I even have a nightly visitor, in the form of a rather large spider who crawls down his\her web just outside the window and spends the night in wait for her next meal. We've become friends, it stays outside, I do my thing inside and I'm quite happy to have traded in the occasional roach in my old apartment.

And for the toiletophiles out there, this is my new loo... complete with computerized water dispensing, heated seat, CD player, massager and auto-cleaning mechanism. Of course, I don't need any of those things and will only turn said features on when guests are expected.

So that's about that for the new apaato. The kitchen is of similar size but I've been able to get better organized due to additional storage space. It's been comfortable out here, very quiet neighbourhood, no crows squawking at me at 4AM, no drunks running around all night singing and yelling at the top of their lungs. My only mishap so far was a little lack of communication\planning which left me without gas for my first few days here. No gas means no stove top burner, and more importantly no hot water for the morning shower. It was certainly an awakening experience on Tuesday when I had to shower and shave for work... glad the gas man came in on Tuesday afternoon and got me hooked up. Another interesting feature is that the hot water here is controlled by a computer. I have no hot water tank, I just have to go to one of the computerized panels, turn it on, select the water temp I want and do my dishes\shower or whatever. Quite ingenious in that I no longer have to pay to keep a large tank of water hot all year long.

I'll be holding a little BBQ in a few weeks to test out the rooftop terrace, then maybe a larger one for the staff at the school later this summer.

This weekend, Yoshiko and I are heading down to Ibaraki to check out an aquarium. I've taken Saturday off since it's counselling week which means we get to spend a whole two days together, yay!

Anywho, that's that... later.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really encourage you to try the bidet functions of your new toilet. I have the same thing on my toilet, and at first I was very very reluctant but tried it and now cant live without it. Your bottom will thank you.

2:27 AM  
Blogger tatiana said...

OMG! The loo is faboo! Do all japanese homes have this sort of luxury!?!? I want one!

11:56 AM  

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