Friday, July 21, 2006

Another farewell party...

Tonight, we had a little farewell party for Shige who is leaving us shortly to study business at Santa Monica College in California. Shige is one of the students with whom I've forged a personal relationship during my time here, which makes his departure both a happy and a sad occasion. On the one hand, I am totally happy for him and very proud of the progress he has made and am glad to have had the opportunity to help him in his journey. On the other hand, I am sad to see him go and will miss him both in class and at the Lion's Head and such. The dynamics of teaching here are certainly interesting. Our young Master Shige gave a lovely speech to thank us all for helping him get to this point in his life, on the cusp of starting a new life in America. I usually don't think much about the effect we as teachers have on the lives of our students. After a year of teaching, it is easy to see lessons as merely a process, and not so much a means to an end since after each rotation comes a fresh batch of students. It is certainly nice to get the occasional glimpses of the dreams which we are helping our students reach. With 5-10 students leaving\having left us to go abroad this summer alone, the farewells have been a little too frequent for my liking!

He sure will be missed. He has the fantastic habit of constantly throwing me off by saying things like "I think ____ is total bullshit" during our class discussions. This was his description of Modern Art last week, which is just fantastic. You know you've reached a certain level of fluency when you start using profanity!

Here is dear Shige with his Senseis flanking him on either side.

Matto also took the opportunity to get to know his new camera, here it is complete with tripod (which for which my camera was unfortunately too heavy) scoping things out with the wide angle lens.

Since it was also Matt's birthday today, both he and Shige were treated to these HUGE parfaits, that everyone got to have a taste of.

The AEON group attending the party... from the left: Yoshiko (our new manager), Yuji (student) and his wife (crouching dressed in black, former student), Stacy, Sayaka, Shige, Yukiyo, Matt and I.

And now off to bed, long day ahead tomorrow.

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I went to Santa Monica College too. Your friend will love it there.

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