Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are you tired of bottoms getting in your drive?

Are you constantly thinking: "If only there were some way to keep these bottoms out of my drive!"? Have bottom-clogged drives resulted in anxiety? anger? incontinence? the end of your marriage? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, Unico Corp has the perfect product for you! B-Straps, our patented "bottom strap for bicycle" are the answer to your problems. Simply tie the B-Strap to your bottom, and you're done! No more bottoms in your drive! Now available at Tobu department store for the low low price of 609 Yen! B-Straps: Keeps bottoms out of your drive!

If you're still wondering what these things are, they're velcro straps to keep the bottom of your pant legs from getting stuck in your bicycle chain... I bought myself a pair today since I busted the chain guard on my bike the other day and didn't want my pants to get mangled. They are quite useful, though the company really should stick to writing out instructions in Japanese, unless they're willing to shell out a couple thousand yen on proper translation. I just had to share this bit of Engrish with you...

In other news, after recently finding out that Cleve (who you can see busting some moves in the last picture of this post is now officially a Japanese Superstar. I'd heard he'd left the company some time back under mysterious circumstances which he didn't want to discuss... and low and behold here he is on Japanese TV! You can see an article about him from D.C. here(3rd article down). Go Cleve Go!

In other news, the Canon Powershot S3 learning is progressing nicely. I've gotten lots of information by reading the forums on which has TONS of info on any camera you could be interested in. I've also found a useful site hosted by Canon which explains the basics of SLR photography, a lot of which is applicable to my S3, and it's got great comparison shots and stuff too. Yesterday, I headed down to Yodobashi camera and picked up a camera bag and mini tripod... I'm ready to take on the world with with the S3 at my side! Now if only the weather can let up a bit for the weekend... the weather experts in Japan have officially extended rainy season through next week, so I don't know. So far, I've been really impressed with the zoom features on this camera. This is a picture of a puddle taken from my 3rd floor apartment, which I took free hand without the camera resting on anything for support... very nice zoom.

2 more days to go until the next weekend, Yoshiko and I really need to get our asses in gear and plan our trip to Nagano for Obon...

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