Monday, July 17, 2006

Goodbye old friend....

It's been a good run, we've experienced so much together that I can't help but feel sadness and nostalgia when I think of us parting ways. Alas, the time to go our seperate ways has come. We've had a heck of a good time. I remember the first pictures I took the day I bought you, capturing shots of President Bush's motorcade from my company's offices as the dozens of vehicles roared onto Parliament Hill. Since that first blurry experience (so blurry that I didn't keep any pictures) we've come a long way. You were somehow able to not only capture the sights and sounds as I experienced them over the past two years, but also captured a little bit of myself with every click of the shutter. From the woods of Algonquin Park to the last few cherished moments with family before my departure from Canada, you served your purpose perfectly. Then, you embarked on this amazing adventure with me, and gave me countless (not true, there have been 2,697) mementos of my time in Asia. From the streets of Utsunomiya and the ski slopes of the Fukushima mountain range to the streets of Beijing and the Great Wall of China, you have been there with me, and I thank you. I now pass you on to another worthy traveller, and I hope he will enjoy your company as much as I have especially on his upcoming trip to India. My good friend, the Sony Cybershot DSC-W1, I bid you adieu.

On a much brighter note, I have a new camera! I took the plunge today and with the help of Yoshiko to barter for what amounted to a 17% discount in the form of store credit (which I used to buy a 2GB memory card) I purchased the new Canon Powershot S3 IS. Amazing camera it is, full of bells and whistles which I can't wait to try out! The two nicest additions I've played with so far are the "Sports" mode and the "Night Snapshot" mode which allow for a quick and easy way to take action shots and night shots. The Image Stabilizer feature is also nice, especially when combined with the 12x zoom... Of course, the manual is in Japanese, so I'll have to check online for documentation for this baby, but that is but a minor inconvenience. I now have a new reason to go out and get pictures, now if only this rain can hold off for a bit...

So obviously a quite enjoyable weekend, mainly since I got to spend the whole weekend with my lovely fiancee. Saturday night, we had a little pizza party to welcome our new manager Yoshiko (not the one I am going to marry... another Yoshiko) to AEON Utsunomiya... welcome back I guess since she was manager here a couple of years ago. I still can't quite get used to Japanese pizza, though most of them were ok. The seafood one was good, but the one(s) with cooked mayo are just wrong!

Sunday morning, we headed out to Movix for a preview glance at "Pirates of the Caribean 2: Dead man's chest". I am sorry to say I was not blown away. It was good, but I have many problems with it. There were a few too many "convenient" occurrences, and some sequences (the waterwheel fight comes to mind) were too long. All in all, it was a good movie and I will see the third... but... anywho.

Afterwards, we headed over to Kyoko's house for a fantastic evening of fantastic food. Kyoko has been my student for quite some time, alone in class most of the time. She is simply a fantasticly classy lady, and I've been right in love with her since I first started teaching her. 65 years old and the mother of our new manager, she has traveled extensively and was quite happy to share her photos with Yoshiko and I throughout the evening. And the food! Oh my god... she made up some Sukiyaki for us using the most amazing beef.... and supplemented it with a series of Japanese side dishes and pickled stuff.... sooooo good! Today was the camera shopping and some relaxing in front of the TV since the weather was crappy. It's been raining pretty heavily since last night, and won't really back off until Thursday.

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Anonymous Bobbins said...

Speaking of cameras, what ever happened to the camera I got you?! HMMMMM????

11:48 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

That fantastic Nikon F65 SLR camera also served me very well for 2 years... Remember the pictures of my trip to Algonquin Park? The ones where we saw the meese? That was with your camera.

I'll keep it for sure, just too big to carry around Japan. Film cameras will always have a purpose, there are some effects and textures that only film can capture, and I'll use the F65 for years to come, not to worry!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Bobbins said...

Oh good, I worry about that when I hear you talk all lovey about your digitals cameras.
Glad to hear it!

11:47 PM  

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