Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday - Nasu

This morning, we headed out for a drive, heading to the Nasu area with no destination in particular in mind. After getting there, we decided to head to the Nasu Kogen summer resort area for a lovely lunch before heading to Shiobara and checking out the rumours Yoshiko had heard about a new ashiyu (foot onsen).

Sure enough, we stumbled right into it... and quite the setup it is! This is it, complete with picturesque setting in the mountains of Northern Tochigi.

According to the brochure, this newly constructed ashiyu was built on a hot spring which has been in used for over 1200 years. It is the largest foot onsen in Japan, which probably means the world, and can accommodate quite a few pairs of weary feet in it's 60 meters of benches and massage stones. It was fantastic!

As we sat there relaxing, we saw that they were starting to setup for some kind of show, and sure enough, a traditional Japanese storyteller came.

While my understanding of the stories was limited in scope to a handful of words, this guy was amusing... he can rattle off the names of all of Japan's High School Baseball teams, as well as the names of all Sumo wrestlers of Yokozuna rank. Pretty damn good memory considering I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch last week.

On the way back home, I set my shutter speed high and played with my camera a bit as we were cruising through the farm fields. Almost got this biker dude.... just missed him!

I did manage to get this semi-naked guy on the side of the road, though I missed his partner. This also shows the lush green rice fields which cover most flat areas in these parts.

Also spotted some construction dudes on a break at a convenience store.

We then did a quick spot of groceries before chilling out at home for a bit. Just 2 more days of work before the much needed summer vacation. We are just about set for our trip out to Nagano, though we just found out there's a typhoon heading our way which may sprinkle things with some wetness... oh well... still better than working!

With any luck, Matt is now in India, after an 8 hour delay in his departure time. Note to self, never fly Air India unless I have lots of time to spare...

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