Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The new walk to work...

I took my camera with me this afternoon when I walked back to work after lunch. The Mia Matsuri decorations have started to go up and I was hoping to grab a few quick shots but they haven't put up the really nice ones yet... Instead, I found myself taking random shots of stuff along what has become the familiar route to work from my new apartment.

For example, this is the mirror located at the end of my street... as you can see, the intersections in my neighbourhood are pretty tight, and at every one you've got a set of mirrors to check what's coming your way. Very useful for biking, I don't even need to slow down to take the corners...

Also right around the corner from my place, some idiot decided to deface this oya stone wall with this graffiti. Not sure what they want us to steal... but at least it's spelled properly... Grafitti has been less of a problem in Japan than back home, but I have seen it crop up in Utsunomiya, likely it's just the case of some bored teens being bad.

Definitely the more lively (and more challenging so far as biking goes... kind of like that Formula 1 racing game on the Nintendo where you had to avoid the other cars by pulling hard left and right) part of my commute is when I pass through Union street. Union street is a shopping arcade, mostly reserved to pedestrians, with a rather eclectic collection of shops. Modern, my favourite pub is on this street, as well as Mugendo, a really cool Indian shop.

They have strung up the paper lanterns along the streets surrounding Futarayama shrine, where I went for a walk with Matt this afternoon, here's one of them...

The old and the new... this is the shrine marker for Futarayama with Parco (Shopping center) towering above it. The shrine has stood watch over the city since it was a castle town hundreds of years back. It is staggering to think of the changes it has seen come to pass.

On the way back to the office from our walk, we caught this little hint of a sunset... I don't get to see many sunsets here since I am usually teaching around that time and our windows face North... I'll have to make an effort to get myself to a better viewing area once in a while.

In other news, Yoshiko and I have set a date for our Japanese wedding. We will be doing the City Hall thing on October 14th, and having a small lunch in Nikko on the 15th. We will then have the Canadian ceremony on October 14th next year, about 5-6 months after we get back to Ottawa.

This weekend, we'll be heading out to Imaichi to meet the folks again (it has been a while) and to discuss this October's plans with my soon to be Japanese in-laws. No other concrete plans other than that. Mia Matsuri will be going on as well, which should make for a couple of nice pictures.

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Blogger montchan said...

Hi there! Found you through some random search on expat blogs. My husband is from Utsunomiya, my in-laws are still there, and we used to live in Tsuruta.

Your blog makes us homesick!

Bookmarked for daily reading! Thanks!

6:10 PM  

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