Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'll be the first to admit I wasn't all that thrilled to have to go in to Omiya today for the company's veterans teachers training, but doggone if I didn't come out of there with some good information. Reinforced a lot of the things I've already been doing, tweaked a couple more and learned the proper way to teach some specific things which hadn't been covered in the earlier trainings. It was also nice to meet up with some fellow teachers from all around, both foreign and Japanese, to chew the fat and compare notes on stuff. Not at all a bad day in the end, and I ended up right back at home at the same time I would on a normal Tuesday.

Also, I am pleased to report that I am quite pleased with the staff at Canoe.ca... the primary news website where I have been getting my Canadian news since I came to Japan. I was quite disconcerted last week when I was unable to get on to the web site any more. And after a week of trying, I decided to send an email to the webmaster at canoe.ca in a last ditch effort to figure out what was wrong. I did not actually expect a response... but surprisingly enough, I got one! Within a few hours, I was notified that they had shut out Asia due to a Denial of Service attack on their site but that they would work on getting Japan excluded from the block. After a few emails back and forth, my saviour, Bob Niven, emailed to let me know I should be able to get back on. And sure enough, I was... and just in time for the start of hockey season... woohoo!


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