Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bar Bee Cue - my English is gud!

Great day today at Mieko's house for the BBQ event of the season. Present were Yoshiko and I, Matt, Mieko and her husband Hirofumi, Tomoko and Isao and some friends. The plan was simple: relax, have a few beers, chat and eat some grub.

As we arrived, the spread was quite impressive, for a quick idea, here's a shot of one of the tables...

Needless to say we ate like kings and queens. The whole charcoal grilling experience adds a nice flavour to the meat, and this was the first time I tried those mushroom wrapped in bacon thingies... quite yummy!

One of the ongoing sources of entertainment for the afternoon was Rin, a cute young lady of a little less than 2 years old. She was a bit shy at first, but quickly warmed up to us evil Gaijin and ended the evening playing peek a boo with us. She even knows a few words of English, which for such a young age is quite impressive! Her repertoire includes: Hello, Bye Bye, No and Wow. Pretty cool little girl! The subject of English skills seems to be a pretty hot-button topic these days with both Matt and I realizing we are losing vocabulary little by little. I find myself often resorting to blurting out French words, unable to come up with the English alternative... which I guess means that my native French is still doing fine. Matt is feeling this a little more than I am, what with his being a Lit major and all and planning to head into doctoral studies at some point... it's quite difficult to keep it up when your English language interactions are limited to a series of textbooks and the odd conversations here and there! Luckily neither of us are quite as bad as poor Alex who talked about "that place with the animals" last week...

Here is Rin not quite able to figure out the camera thing, though in her defense, the camera she is holding does not have a viewfinder...

As most of our cups and bottles and things were labelled to avoid confusion, so was little Rin.

We ended up getting so so weather, it was nice during the time that we were eating, but it did eventually darken and start to rain, forcing us inside Mieko's lovely home where the festivities continued. Tomoko eventually broke out this fabulous fruit salad which she'd prepared, it was Oeeeesheeee! The anindofu (sweet milk jelly) was especially yummy.

As the event wore on into the evening, we did eventually manage to extricate ourselves from the party. It's always difficult to put an end to an evening with the Sudas and Kuritas, but we did manage to get out at a reasonable time.

Great big thanks to everybody for a great day! Sorry I don't have any more people pics, Matt should fill in that pictorial gap nicely when he posts on his blog though.

Tomorrow will be spent cleaning up a bit and preparing for my dear mother's arrival next Sunday. I have to start thinking of what I want her to bring back with her, save us the shipping costs when we leave next Spring. Matto will come over later in the day and we'll cook up some Indian and pop in a DVD or two, nice way to round out a lovely weekend.


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