Monday, October 02, 2006

A feast fit for a Maharaja

What an amazing meal that was! And surprisingly easy once one scrounges the ingredients together through a series of shopping trips in Utsunomiya and Tokyo... Matto certainly has the drive to cook well!

We started this afternoon by popping in the DVD of Equilibrium, a great movie which I highly recommend. It's the story of a post WWIII society which has decided that human emotion (and everything that goes with it, such as art, music, colour) is the root of humankind's problems and is thus outlawed. They develop a drug which suppresses emotions and force people to dose up every day, under threat of execution. While this movie is in essence an action film, it also delves into some pretty philosophical themes like the meaning of life and the importance of love and feeling. Quite good.

After the movie, we headed to the kitchen, what little I have of it and cooked up 2 great Indian dishes. Tonight's event reinforced my lack of true cooking space. Between steps in recipes, we needed to store stuff in the microwave, the sink and my washing machine to make a little room for cooking... and we had to wash pots over and over to reuse them. Two people in the kitchen was of course a challenge, but through the occasional crossing of arms to reach buttons and utensils, it did eventually work out. I can't wait to have a real kitchen again!

Matt had already made a potato thing at home, and we topped that off with some really nice basmatti rice and some lentils. I've never really been into the whole Indian cooking thing, but man does this guy (warning, site has music) have good recipes! Matt met him through some fluke and ended up cooking with and befriending him. He runs two restaurants, in New Delhi and New York (both colonial names... how interesting) and his food is supposedly to die for. If the small selection of dishes we whipped together are any indication, it most certainly is! Here's the book we used for tonight's meal.

Here was the spread for the evening, needless to say we now both have some leftovers in our fridge for tomorrow.

These lentils were just fantastic, with a flavour that comes as an aftertaste... REALLY GOOD.

How good was the food? Well good enough that we managed to eat while watching Alien: Resurrection, the slimiest and grossest of the Alien series. Good movie!

Back to work tomorrow, hurrah... though I guess I have some good lunch to look forward to!


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