Monday, October 16, 2006

Great big thanks

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who've left comments and emails and such congratulating Yoshiko and I. We are very happy and I'm glad that people are happy for our happiness.

My dear mother left Japan yesterday after a final whirlwind shopping tour in the streets of Ueno. We made our way down to Ameyokocho first and I was surprised to find it rather crowded for a Monday. The weather must have made people come out a bit more, it was a lovely day.

Unfortunately, it was at about this time that I encountered a problem with my camera. When I press the shutter down, it won't take the picture unless I push REALLY hard. Will need to have it taken back in to Yamada Denki and see what can be done about that... hopefully a straight exchange since it's been less than 3 months since I got it. So I didn't get to snap many pictures, but I did get one of this building which I've always found interesting near Ueno Park.

After a little shopping, we settled down for a quick lunch at the News Deli in Ueno Station before taking the train down to Narita. After being processed and checked-in VERY efficiently along with hundreds of other people, my mother went through security and disappeared into the bowels of Narita Airport.

Great big thanks to all of you who greeted her so warmly, you guys are fantastic and she's really looking forward to seeing you all again next March!

It was at this point that my day sort of fell apart, probably due to my being pretty tired from a big and busy week. When I got to the bus counter, I found out I'd just missed it and it would be over an hour before I could catch the next one, so I decided on the train. Then as I got to the platform, I and another woman just missed the doors closing and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. Then when I go to Ueno I also just missed a Shinkansen and had to wait for another one. And when I got to Utsunomiya, my ticket wouldn't work in the machine and I had to back out into a sea of people and go through the manned gate... with no problems mind you. What a crazy evening! Never have I had so many travel related issues in one day... must be because my good luck charm, Yoshiko, wasn't with me.

Anywho, better hang my laundry and start getting ready for work. Cheers, and thanks again to everyone!


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