Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween!

As most everyone knows, Halloween comes early in schools here in Japan. AEON Amity (our children's division) and the regular AEON school which have children have had their staff dressed up all week long leading up to the 31st. Here in Utsunomiya, we dressed up for Saturday's classes, Sunday's party and will don our costumes one last time tomorrow for Halloween proper. The above jack-o-lanterns were carved by Matto yesterday during a special Sunday lesson.

Yesterday went pretty well all in all. Some people didn't put much effort in their costumes, but some others went all out which balanced everything out. In the "went all out" category were definitely Matt and Yoshiko (manager) with matching (planned???) Indian\Middle-Eastern costumes. The best thing about Matt's costume was that he picked up the garments in person during his trip to India... some of the accessories were bought here at the Indian shop (Mugendo) on Union Street, one of Scott's favorite haunts.

Stacy was a giraffe.

Party got going around 5PM, with most guests having arrived and changed by 6PM or so. We all ate entirely too much food, a few people drank a little too much and a great time was had by all. Mid-point in the party, I noticed this new "costume" standing in the middle of the crowd. Hadn't seen this delivery guy yet... oh wait! It is a delivery guy! Since there was no staff at the counter, he stood there in the middle of the party and calmly waited for someone to notice him. Hilarious!

I think the Kawaii prize goes to Kokkoro, our little private lesson student who comes in with her father and 2 brothers every Saturday. That's one family bent on learning English! This picture is unfortunately a little blurry, but she made a very cute Mickey Mouse.

For the better part of the evening, she went around pulling this guy's tail... quite funny. It's been great to see her open up since I started here a year and a half ago. At first, when we tried to say hello to her she would run and hide, now she's joining parties... Cool!

Some of the other notable costumes were Mayu as a Shibuya girl (as outrageous as her makeup is, the real girls are WORSE, ick!), Emiko as a gangster and Setsuko in a Chinese dress and wig combination.

Speaking of Chinese dresses, here are two crazy guys who got dressed up in skimpy little dresses for the party. They were hilarious! We call them the crazy guys because whatever class they take can be heard from 4 classrooms away due to the laughs... they're practically a comedy duo. Great guys, too bad I won't get to teach them before my contract ends. Not sure of their names, but the Doctor in the middle is Kotaro, one of our outstanding students.

The AEON female segment of the staff, all decked out for the party.

Two of our more social students also went all out in these clown costumes... Kentaro on the left and Yuji on the right... Gotta love the pig snout!

Disco James in the middle here is Aki who brought her daughter to the party as well. She, along with the two hairy Chinese girls on the right, took home the top prizes for costumes.... notice the chest hair on Aki!

Our three winners.

And finally, the group shot... great turnout this year and it was a lot of fun.

For more pics, you can check out Matt's blog.

So that was that, as I said... waaaaayyyyy too much food... but it was great!


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