Monday, October 09, 2006

Lake Chuzenji, the re-re-re-return

Woke up this morning to this lovely view out my back yard, not only were the mountains clearly visible, but the moon was still out AND one of the mountains was snow capped!

After everyone congregated at my place for the morning drive out, we headed to a nice little coffee shop called Kohikan for breakfast before making our way into the hills for the day. We were lucky enough to have beaten the Tokyo traffic by bit and didn't hit any traffic on the way up Irohazaka. Our first pit stop was at a parking area\cable car departure building where we came to face with Nantai-san, the volcano you can see in the above panorama. Here I am with my two little ladies.

In between helping push on a car whose transmission seemed stuck in forward only... a problem since she was a mere few feet away from a precipice and surrounded by cars... and checking out the little gift shop where my mother enjoyed her first try at a Japanese style potty... I managed to get a shot of the cable car on it's way up the mountain for a view of the slightly changed fall foliage.... and of course the tracks of concrete on the mountain.

We then made our way the rest of the way up the mountain and hit Kegon Falls where this aspiring young artist was plying his trade.

After poking around at the Falls for a bit, we then headed to the Italian Ambassador's former cottage on the shores of lake Chuzenji. Lovely views from the cottage.

Here's the group checking out the view from one of the views.

Lake Chuzenji has got to be one of the most beautiful spots around, even with the speedboats and the ugly swans on the lake. Here's one of the aforementioned speeding by.

And a panoramic shot of the lake for good measure.

And the two two ladies getting to know each other along the shores of the lake.

We then headed to the Yukon lodge of the Kanaya Hotel for lunch and while waiting for our table Matt and I tried our best to get a shot of this little guy crawling on a post of the nearby boathouse. Here's my best, let's see what Matt came out with???

I am constantly amazed at this huge mass of water sitting a kilometer and a half up in the air surrounded by mountains. Here's a sailboat, dwarfed by the surrounding landscape.

This is a picture I tried to get the last time we were here but I didn't get it right. As I learn the ropes of this lovely Canon S3, I am getting better. Here's the sign on an OLD boat sitting in the boathouse\museum... taken from the gate a good 5 meters away.

After a fantastic meal, we headed deeper into the mountains to enjoy a foot onsen in Yumoto Onsen. Seems they upped the temp since our last visit, damn that was hot! People couldn't stand more than a few minutes in the hotter section of the ashiyu. We then headed on back down irohazaka, closely followed by and also following thousands of people doing the same thing. The going was slow, but not as bad as the day before when the 20km drive from Nikko to lake Chuzenji took 3 hours or more! This is a view of the place we first stopped on the way up.

And the traffic on irohazaka.

Our next stop was the Takahashi residence where my mother met the parents and brother of my dear Yoshiko. We enjoyed tea and sweets before heading out to a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It was oishi! and my mother got a little more experience with chopsticks. Gochisosama deshita Takahashi-san(s)!

Long day, but quite lovely... couldn't have asked for better weather and company. Tomorrow, back to work...


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