Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A night stroll

Headed out to work this morning with my mother in tow, trying to point out landmarks and such to help her navigate her way through the hustle and bustle of Utsunomiya. When we arrived, she was greeted warmly by our wonderful staff and settled down with a cup of coffee while I got my day started. The main goal for the day was to have my mother meet Kyoko Suzuki, THE sweetest little lady in the world. When Kyoko arrived for her class, not only did she meet my mother but she got her a beautiful Japanese style tea pot along with some green tea!

Just when I thought our little Kyoko, who brings us sweets and fresh fruits and bread and stuff on almost a weekly basis, couldn't possibly get sweeter, there she goes and jumps up another notch! We really are lucky to have such amazing students here in Utsunomiya.

Speaking of students, one of our former students who was visiting the school invited herself to lunch and ended up touring my mother around for the rest of the day while I toiled away at work. When I got home, I decided we'd go for a bit of a walk and ended up heading into Hachimanyama park after cutting through Izumicho to show my mom Utsunomiya's seedy underbelly. From the bridge in the park, one can see the bright lights around the Station as well as the odd train zoom by in the distance. Really a nice place for a stroll.

Here be the bridge and the tower in the background...

After the park we headed back down to street level where, after letting me buy something and testing it, my mother made a purchase from a vending machine... after pondering her change for quite some time. She is wrapping her head around prices here though.

On the way back downtown, I saw with my own eyes what the Construction Ministry's lackeys had done to Al-Noor... THE BEST Indian curry shop around... bastards are widening the road and every building is about to be torn down. I'm glad Scott isn't here to see this calamity, he may have chained himself to the door in protest.

I've walked by this place countless times on the way to Trial and have never managed to get a decent shot. The lanterns just sway in the wind a tad to much for my liking... but I will keep trying.

Now, off to bed.


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