Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pizza should not be eaten with chopsticks...

And yet, there I was last night, chowing down on Modern`s Salmon Pizza with what? Chopsticks of course... Admittedly, the pizza's shape and cut was not conducive (how's that for vocab Matto?) to eating with your hands.... Gotta love Modern, 5 drinks and dinner for less than 4000 yen, can't be beat!

Today is October 1st, which is quite surprising since it seems like just yesterday we were still in the oppressive heat of August. Time sure does fly around here. My mother arrives one week from today, and I will be all like married and stuff 13 days from now which is cool.

Heading out shortly for a BBQ at Mieko's place with Matt, Tomoko, Isao and friends, should be a nice day even though it is looking kind of overcast at the moment. Not sure what's up for tomorrow, may have some pics to post... we shall see.


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