Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rainy day in Utsunomiya

Woke up this morning to cloudy skies and a light drizzle, quite different from the blue skies we'd been experiencing since Saturday. As we headed out, I spotted a cat making a move on a group of birds who were lounging around on the vacant lot next to my building. He did eventually pounce but failed to get anything for his efforts and just sat there for a while looking sad. Here he is, before the pounce... can you spot the bird?

We dropped off my dry cleaning where the lady is finally learning my name, piece by piece. She still says Ma before remembering that I am not Matt and then says Mi and waits for me to fill in the blanks... progress! My mum attended the free chat I had with Tomoko, Mieko and Megumi which was quite enjoyable. We then headed out into the rain for my mother's first shrine\temple visit. We first went up the stairs of Futaarayama Shrine, the main shrine here downtown. I got this nice shot of an old sign there.

It was of course raining, and this pigeon seemed quite content on waiting out the rain inside by the vending machines.

Futaarayama is really quite a lovely shrine, nice view from the top too. Here's my mom on the steps of the main shrine building.

We then headed to a temple nearby before making our way to the curry shop where we yet again were given freebies due to my mother being there. The owner was very happy that I chose his establishment to visit with my mother while she was in town and threw in some apple juice and tea for free. I am also pleased to report that my mother completed an entire meal using ONLY chopsticks for the first time. Woohoo!

After lunch, we headed over to Nagasakiya for a bit before meeting Yoshiko at her office and hooking up with Yasuko and Kanako for some coffee. Yoshiko ordered milk tea which came with this teeny-tiny thing of cream.

After draining my coffee, I had to run up and teach for the evening, leaving the ladies to their own devices. My mother showed up again for discussion class and came along for the weekly beer at the Lion's Head. Yoshiko and I even got our first wedding gift... THANKS Yuki!


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