Friday, October 06, 2006

Tribute to Ol' Blue

Through morning mists, afternoon showers and sometimes sheets of driving rain, I could always count on Ol' Blue being there for me. For how many rainy seasons did he protect us lowly English teachers here in Utsunomiya? How many times did he happily put himself between us and the driving wind and rain of the Fall typhoon season? Alas, such bravery was bound to come to an end some day. Ol' Blue should be proud, it took the Perfect Storm... no less than 2 typhoons converging on Japan... to finally put him out of action. And yet he did his best and completed his mission successfully by getting me home as dry as possible. R.I.P. Ol' Blue, you have my thanks and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

Needless to say, the weather sucks right now. How bad is it out there? Bad enough I'm not willing to even poke my camera out the door. Bad enough that some people were kept awake all night as the rain and wind pelted their homes and apartments. Bad enough that even now, with the typhoon dissipating, my building still sways when a heavy gust hits it every 10 minutes or so. This is the worst I've seen since I came to Japan I think... quite awe inspiring. It will clear up, by tomorrow afternoon I think... and then sunshine for the next week or so, with decent temperatures and hopefully some lovely sunsets, like this one I snapped on my way out the door after lunch on Tuesday.

My mother will arrive just in time to enjoy the sunshine, lucky her! I'll be swinging down Narita way on Sunday afternoon for the pickup, then back to the megalopolis of Utsunomiya. Monday is a run out to Lake Chuzenji and the rest of the week will be pretty busy.

In just a little over a week, me and Yoshiko will be Mr. and Mrs. and that's like totally cool! People keep asking me if I'm freaking out yet, and I keep repeating the same thing... nope. I've started to get used to the rounds of applause which spontaneously occur in class when students find out about my upcoming nuptials, and coincidentally, this week's topic in our discussion class is International Marriages! So this has been a hot topic of conversation for quite a few people.

Anywho, I'd better sign off and get ready for tomorrow... Saturdays are a long day for those of us teaching 7 lessons... but they sure go by fast. Gnight!


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