Monday, November 20, 2006

Dreary cold weekend in Utsunomiya...

... but we made the best of it.

The weekend officially kicked off on Saturday night with Yaki-tori (chicken on a stick grilled over coals, quite yummy!) and a couple of beers with Yoshiko, Matto the Natto, Stacy, Motoki and Yusuke at Tsukunetei, right near work. I've only recently discovered Yaki-tori and I'm slowly realizing what I missed out on. I'm most fond of tsukune, which is ground chicken, mixed with seasonings and then put on a stick and grilled.... good stuff.

Sunday morning, Yoshiko and I headed out to Mahal (newish Indian place) to pick up some nan for the Indian\Mexican\Canadian feast which we had planned for the afternoon. While i was quite impressed with the photos and variety on their menu, and the service was great (we got free coffee while waiting for our take out) their nan was a bit disappointing. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to Al-Noor which was forced to close down due to a road-widening scheme.... Utsunomiya is now sadly lacking in (cheap) Indian food. There is a place up the street called Motti, but I believe it is a bit more pricey than we were used to at Al-Noor so we'll just have to wait until the cook comes back from his visit home and opens the new restaurant.

So we got our nan and headed to Aiichirou's where we were presented with a wonderful feast. On top of our nan bread contribution, Matt made some lentils and basmatti rice, and Aiichirou and Fumi made Indian style chicken and potatoes as well as Salsa, Guacamole, Eggplant, Lamb, and eventually we had Canadian fudge and rice pancakes served with Maple Syrup. The whole meal was supported by wine from the Niagara region of Ontario and some cider from Orléans Island near Quebec City. Fantastic afternoon spent inside, well protected from the cold and rainy weather outside.

We decided to hit up a movie this afternoon and went to see WTC, the new Oliver Stone movie about 9/11. It was very good. The thing that strikes me the most about the 9/11 movies I've seen is the beginning. They all do a great job showing a typical day starting out for the main characters of the movie, with no one expecting the events which were soon to unfold. Very well made movie, and coming from Stone, this is no surprise. It was also nice to see Nicholas Cage break out of his stereotype character a bit in this one. Good cast all around really. After the movie, we picked up the chicken which will be the center piece for this Thursday's Thanksgiving meal and headed home to relax for the evening.

The week ahead won't be too bad, with the Thursday holiday breaking things up nicely. The weather this weekend make picture taking a no-go, but I did manage to get some shots earlier this week I can share with you.

The sunset on Wednesday was simply spectacular, looked like the hills were on fire.

I'm also enjoying fiddling with the panoramic mode of my camera and got a couple of the larger mountains to the north of the sunset playing hide and seek with the clouds.


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I liked WTC quite a bit too ... What impressed me most was how Oliver Stone was able to check all his politics at the door and just make a movie about real heroism

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