Saturday, November 04, 2006

Farewell to Ishikawa-san

Tonight after work, we all headed out to a lamb BBQ restaurant to say our second of 3 farewells to Yukiyo, one of our staff members.

The restaurant we went to is Sora Mame, and it was quite good. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures since my batteries died on me as soon as we sat down to eat... damn spare set I had with me was also dead since they're still new and aren't holding a full charge yet... d'oh!

I did get a shot of the storefront though, and I'm sure Matto will post some nice pics of the evening.

Our next farewell to Yukiyo will be a pizza party at work next Saturday. Though her last day was on Thursday and she is moving to her new school in Saitama this weekend, she will come back to help us out and for the party next Saturday since not everyone could make it to tonight's bash.

Now, off to bed. Gotta clean up in the morning and Yoshiko is coming over... we need to start the daunting task of filling in forms for her Canadian Residency Application, and later in the day I will whip up a nice meal for us, something I haven't done in much too long.


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