Thursday, December 28, 2006

From Cambodia to Vietnam

Well, here we are, sitting in the back of a non-profit cafe called Sozo using their free Internet (on a Mac, Mattoto, you would be proud) and waiting for our desert to be ready.

Our final 2 days in Cambodia were sobering, heartwarming, heart wrenching, horrifying, amazing... it is hard to describe in words what we've witnessed, I hope my photos are able to convey more than my words could. Our guide was absolutely fantastic, though a little long winded at times. He changed the itinerary a bit so that we would hit the Killing Fields and S21 prison first instead of last, which was a great idea. After a tour of horrors which left me numb and just wanting to get away, we visited the better sides of Phnom Penh with the Royal Palace and museums downtown. Since we had time left over before our flight, he took us to an orphanage\culture center. This place was the highlight of our time in Cambodia. They take orphans and some street kids from the area and teach them traditional khmer dance. We got to sit in on their practice and then the kids came to get us to dance with them. I suck, but the little 5 year old girl who took me by the hand tried her best to make me learn. When I finally gave up, she gave me a little flower and started climbing all over me. Fantastic work being done there, very cute kids... I want one!

We have now survived a full day in Saigon, which is quite a feat considering all of the crazy intersections we crossed. Our hotel is very well situated in a backpacker area about 10-20 minute walk to the downtown core, the atmosphere around here is great! Spent some times in the markets and Yoshiko is finally starting to feel comfortable in the dirty, poverty-filled city that is Saigon. I have yet to feel unsafe here, though it is always a good idea to keep one's hand on one's wallet.

Nothing too too concrete in the way of plans for the next few days, just hanging out, enjoying the atmosphere and the great Vietnamese cafes.


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Anonymous Cla said...

Just finished to read the entire blog ..! Good work M. and best wishes for your marriage, your work, your travels, your life.
Claudio from italy.


i've just found this site which you might find useful:

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Blogger godzilla_rabbit said...

Thanks for giving us info. of days on your travel. It reminds me of the movie "Killing Fields." The movie was a happy ending but your visit to Killing Fields might be not. Anyway, I wanna see your pics later.

6:46 AM  

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