Friday, January 19, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Well, another week of work is drawing to a close, leaving me with just a couple more to go before I am free from the shackles of this whole "employment" thing. I think word has pretty much made its way around the school that I will be leaving soon, though I am surprised to still find the odd pocket of students who haven't heard. Parties are being planned, farewell messages and speeches are being written and somewhere in Texas, a young man named Anthony is about to embark on an amazing journey. Exciting times for sure.

Tomorrow, we try this whole skiing thing again, after last weekend's "issues". The bus people sent us the paperwork and Yoshiko paid them through the bank to reserve our seat, so we should be good to go. Tomorrow morning, at 7:30, we'll be on our way to Daikura. I am soooooo looking forward to hitting the slopes again, and this will be a full month later than my season started last year! I will probably not get too much skiing done as I will be teaching my dear wife, which is fine. I would much rather be teaching someone all day than skiing alone all day, I guess I am just a social animal. Yoshiko is actually in Imaichi at the moment picking up her brother's ski equipment, which we hope will fit her so we can save the 60$ in rental fees. We shall see.

I've also pretty much made up my mind to head to Hokkaido for 3-4 days of skiing. One of our students went last week and she said she got an all inclusive package for around 300$, which is pretty good considering it includes flights and everything. I'll have to start planning that in the next few weeks, starting with a visit to our friendly neighbourhood H.I.S. travel agency. She also mentioned that Niseko's skiers are about 50% Australians, which is cool. They come up here to ski since it's summer for them down there. Some of the real hardcore skiers stay here for a couple of months taking advantage of Niseko's average 10+ meters of snowfall per year. It truly must be powder heaven up there, certainly not the icy stuff which passes for skiing around Ottawa, I'll have to learn to ski all over again!

Speaking of Aussies, Scotto is on his way back to Japan as I type this... I think. He is flying in to Nagoya today and will be training for his new position as a traveling emergency teacher out west. His first posting will be in the mountains of Toyama, which I'm sure he will enjoy. Welcome back Scott! That makes the 3rd teacher from AEON Utsunomiya that I know who has come back to Japan to teach. Matt, the one I replaced, is now teaching for AEON in Nagano, and of course Stacy is back with us here in Utsunomiya. I guess Japan is a bit of a draw, you can't get away from it so easily.

And on that note, I should head on out to work to teach number 1 of my 5 remaining Saturdays, 2 of which will not be with a full course load due to counsellings weeks. The next 4 months will be a good winding down period I think. Cheers!


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