Friday, January 12, 2007


My skis are waxed, my boots are polished and my bags are packed!

Finally, after almost a year of waiting, I will be hitting the slopes again this weekend. My dear wife kindly agreed to accompany me on an outing to Daikura in the Aizu area in Fukushima on Monday, making me a VERY happy man. I'll be trying out short skis\ski blades on this trip, which are easier to maneuver with from what I understand. I figure they are a good option for me to use when teaching Yoshiko since it allows me a little more flexibility to run around and help her out. In fact, if the hill rents them, I'd like to get her a pair to get her started... no need for poles, no problems with getting the skis crossed, much more comfortable platform to learn on.

The weather for Monday promises to be quite nice, high of zero degrees, which is much better than my first trip last year to Hunter Mountain where the temperature was hovering around -15 degrees. Seeing as 0 is about the temperature of this blasted apartment when I wake up in the morning, it should be no problem! This will make this year's start to my ski season about one month later than last year's, partly due to the lack of snow out here. Until a week or two ago, hills were reporting a measly 30cm base, but have now tacked on over a meter of new snow, which should make for great conditions. Daikura is also calling for snow on Sunday, and the weekday lack of crowds should leave us with very nice conditions for Monday.

I am about to teach one of my final 5 Saturdays at the school, which is great. It's nice to see the end of my contract coming up, though I will miss many of my students. I'm looking forward to spending some time with Yoshiko, doing some skiing, relaxing and of course travelling to West Japan in March when my family comes down.

Anywho, I'd better get in gear. I won't be bringing my camera since it's a bit too bulky to ski with, but I'm sure Yoshiko will be bringing hers to capture the day's events.


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Anonymous Cla said...

You're becoming a FULL time teacher: teaching on holidays too!Good!


Have a nice trip (this year, on Alps, so little snow...)

5:53 AM  

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