Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sayonara Ark Daikan Bldg.

After 4 months of marriage, we are finally living together and I am now settled in to my 3rd Japanese apartment in 2 years.

When my mother came down to attend our wedding in October, she gave us two little bride and groom teddy bears, which we decided to keep in our respective apartments until we moved in. These little guys have now been reunited.

The move was completed relatively quickly, which leaves me a full day off tomorrow to chill out before working on Saturday. Woke up this morning and quickly finished up my packing in between visits from the gas and electric companies to cancel service and have me settle up my final bills. Yoshiko swung by at 11:00 and by noon we were on our way with the ol' Pajero packed to the gills with my stuff. I threw out about 7 bags of garbage this time around, and from the looks of it (3 suitcases, and a series of other bags) I'll need to throw out a bunch more before we leave Japan in April.

On another note, I'm pleased to report that some aspects of life here still manage to coax a smile out of me. Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the 1000Yen hair cut place to get my seasonal buzz-cut. After putting my name down and grabbing a seat while the lady was finishing up with a client, I started leafing a magazine while waiting for my turn. When my turn came up, the fantastic lady who has been cutting my hair broke out into calls of "teacha, teacha, teacha". This lady has been cutting my hair since I came here and she always does her best to keep a conversation going, despite our language barrier. Somehow, my bad Japanese has always managed to meet her bad English halfway and we always reach some kind of understanding. Ain't communication grand?


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