Monday, April 02, 2007


Yesterday morning, we headed on out on our bikes to pick up some food and drink for the hanami party which was put together at the last minute by Mayu. With AEON opting not to continue the yearly tradition of the hanami party, to the disappointment of many students, people have decided to put together their own shindigs. The party was of course in Hachimanyama park, and it turned out being a great day!

We ended up with a great turnout, about 15 people showed up, and stayed for varying periods of time. We even ran into a former student of mine and her boyfriend and had them join us. Here is the initial group.

It was nice to see ol' Motoki again... I didn't teach him for my final few months at AEON and didn't get to see him much for the last while, at least not as much as I did last year. Too bad cause he's a lot of fun.

The afternoon was very comfortable, and we ended up spending about 6 hours out there in the park among the blossoms. A lovely afternoon.


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